#1 [✅ Funded] DAO Proposal MetaCarel Demo Day Tickets

Mintbase Proposal for funding



Mintbase is seeking a small grant of $1,500 USD to fund the experimentation of Mintbase by using NFTs as tickets to a real-world event. This will support the first pilot will be conducted with MetaCartel’s one day conference ‘Demo Day’ during Berlin Blockchain Week 2019.

What do we hope to learn from this pilot?

  • The technical edge cases and real-life challenges of using digital collectible NFTs as real-world event ticketing
  • A better understanding of the UX and usability challenges of how to allow someone to create, mint and sell NFTs, as well as the POS experience of how to enable people to buy them through desktop and mobile.
  • The realistic assessment of how viable NFTs are in running a conference. Advantages and disadvantages to traditional platforms like Eventbrite.
  • New user behaviors and insights gained from using digital collectibles for real-world event tickets


Launched on the 8th of July. Sold 35 tickets so far.



  • A detailed report blog on launching NFT event tickets on Mintbase
  • The technical edge cases that were accounted for and then discovered when testing in production with real users.
  • The UX and usability challenges that were encountered and overcome to enable mobile purchasing of NFT tickets.
  • The realistic assessment of how viable NFTs are in running a conference. Advantages and disadvantages to traditional platforms like eventbrite.
  • New user behaviors and insights gained from using digital collectibles for real-world event tickets


What is Mintbase?

Mintbase is a dapp that allows non-technical people to mint and manage a marketplace of their own NFTs.

What is the current goal of Mintbase as a project?

Discover three possible industries in which NFTs can create value and be useful.

What does Mintbase want to be?

A flexible and usable platform that enables people to experiment and create their own unique experiences with NFTs. It aims to encourage mass experimentation around digital ownership and digital scarcity, with the outlook that they will enable consumer and business value in use cases that we have not discovered yet.

Other details

  • Pending accelerator program in the US (OEBVS).
  • Founder qualifications: Push Nike to re-write it’s million dollars a day application NikeiD, first hire at FinTech broker-dealer fractionalizing publicly traded stock as rewards
  • Mintbase White Paper

You can buy these tickets here: https://mintbase.io/my-market/0x8d7dd7B604b4e0A8Dd3Cc343522cAA2Aa426e6E7/0x9bcB319bED50ff0cE2D6FfA95AB9293A175aeD7d

Event details:

We discussed this and like it and will submit the proposal for voting within two weeks max. Definitely need to get ETHGlobal to experiment with these tickets :slight_smile:

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This is awesome. I just used it with Metamask and Chrome and it worked seamlessly. However, a good mobile-first solution would be nice. Maybe that is something that funds from MetaCartel can support. In any case, I support MetaCartel supporting this project.

It’s actually quite useable on mobile. It will load the assets off-chain when it defaults to the Safari or Chrome mobile (not connected to a node). Then pressing “Buy Now” will offer two options for deep-linking to Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet dapp browser. I’ll be offering more options soon. Here is a video on the process https://youtu.be/lSLVfXVs8e8

You can try it out on mobile with a free item:


anyone can explain:

  • intimidation ticket
  • barrel roll ticket

Just random fun names for the different art

Alright. One last question…once bought, how do you present your ticket in the event’s day?

You turn up to the registration and get ur NFT scanned to get in.

what do you mean “scanned” ? does it have a unique scannable barcode or something? is it possible to use a mobile phone for that or simply show “mythings” under https://mintbase.io/my-things on a web/mobile browser?

Yeah it has a unique barcode cc: @nategeier

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Hey @DuDu,
I’ll have a couple QR codes for the customer to scan at the stand that will deep link them to the Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet dapp browser. This will open up a secret page for them on Mintbase. If the customer has the ticket on their laptop with MetaMask or anything else they will have to open this page manually (The link will be short). The loading of this page will have a few visuals checking that they are the owner and the ticket hasn’t been spent yet. Behind the scenes it will disable the ticket on a central server to prevent double spend (not perfect, but gets the job done and no gas required). I’ll have a button on my phone that has a websocket connection that I will be tapping as folks show me this page toggling a chili image proving the customer is showing a dynamic page and not just a screenshot.

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thanks @nategeier for the description…i think i got the idea, let’s see how it goes at the event :wink:

Really, it’s just going to be a fascinating dance between traditional cloud and blockchain. Really wanted to focus on layer one and the interoperability aspect. Being able to have the tickets lay on any wallet that the user chooses for their own security purposes. Works on Opera, Status, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Alpha Wallet, imToken, MetaMask (they will have to bring their computer in if it’s this case haha) and can exchange and resell on OpenSea.
Here is what it will look like:


very nice mate!! i really like your project and view…see you at the event! :slight_smile: