#16 [CLOSED] DAO Proposal: MetaCartel Event @Audius, SF


I’m Alex if you haven’t met me in Berlin. Right now I’m helping out both MetaCartel portfolio projects in business dev: MintBase and Kickback. This proposal is about the latter: I am organising an event in SF later this month, using Kickback. It’s planned to be around the 25th of September.

The goal is to get people to use Kickback, getting feedback, while explaining MetaCartel vision, getting the word out on the DAO, Mintbase and Kickback, and taking over the world.

It will be hosted @Audius offices, which is like a decentralized-Soundcloud startup. Its CEO Roneil was very kind to give me his office for free (vs ~ $1700 on Starfish), which will make my proposal request way lower: 250 DAI to cover food and drinks via Instacart. It will be for around 40 people, hopefully more (capped at ~60 due to the office size). It is a positive-sum collaboration, as Audius will launch their product live the same week of the event, and will make sure to mention it.

I was thinking of doing a panel:

  • a smart wallet/login (Portis? Pillar?)
  • a DAO/dapp person too?
  • Audius CEO
  • me as a moderator / MetaCartel DAO person

Any suggestion of speaker in SF appreciated.

What do you think? Personally I think it’s a very cheap way to make noise in a critical city of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Did I miss anything or wasn’t clear on something?

Thanks a lot.

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maybe @jamesyoung can do the panel if he is around, think hes down in SF 1-2 times a month.

Great! I’m chatting with James tomorrow, I’ll ask him.