Aletheo - the most advanced God Protocol to date

So uh, while my funds are frozen, I have to reach out for funding. So Aletheo is basically the world government, a government above all governments. It solves everything. The power it has is probably unbelievable, maybe laughable, people who follow the project are not laughing though. Here you can read the latest whitepaper draft: Aletheo/Aletheo Whitepaper 0.5.pdf at main 路 SamPorter1984/Aletheo 路 GitHub
It however does not include every single latest change, all latest changes can be tracked here: Telegram: Contact @aletheonews

We are currently in talk with Chainlink team to see if/how should we collaborate, except it鈥檚 not clear if there will be any positive outcome. But it鈥檚 not a problem I can build any oracle of Chainlink quality anyway.
So basically if you are willing to fund it, you could expect the money to be spent on initial clever marketing campaign, or instead of funding it like you usually do, you can just contribute to Founding Event(Fair Launch) which is now live and there is a bit over 2 weeks left. However, if you decide to contribute to actual Founding Event, I would recommend to stay anonymous if possible.
The developers are anonymous, however, the contracts are behind new proxy standard, it was merged already, EIP-3561, which basically creates a game theory that makes scamming not viable.

Of many possibilities it opens one is that it renders cryptocurrency bans nearly useless, unless absolutely tyrannical measures from the governments will be used.
It will dramatically speed up world progress, help solve poverty, help with many things.

So the goal is to make it indestructible by attracting participants from different jurisdictions, it will only become absolutely unstoppable, if it is backed by residents of different jurisdictions