ArtofMoneyDAO the Charity DAO!

Art of Money DAO coming soon!

Art of Money Is a community controlled charity donation DAO.

Percentage of Profits from the treasury will be donated on a monthly basis to the charity chosen by the community through a governance voting system.

Today in this society everyone just wants to fatten their pockets instead of help other people and we need to stand and make a change. With the millions of dollars these DAOs are generating so many people can be benefiting.

Some of the things that make Art of Money DAO different from the rest.

Presale will be announced soon!

Asset Backed

Every $AOM is backed by multi-asset stablecoins and Liquidity in the treasury. It is meant to stop $AOM price from dropping below a certain level.


Full transparency of the funds in the treasury and the pool, stakers have full access to all the tools and can monitor the current and future yields. Governance system for voting no one person can make decisions without community approval.

Passive Income

True effect of compounding interest every 8 hours with each rebase. (4,4) and grow your wealth, Earn staked rewards while you wait for your minted tokens. HODL until you reach your financial goals.


Our Goal is to be a true community project, A portion of profits from our treasury will be set aside and donated to charity every month. Charities will be picked through our governance voting system every month.