Community Updates Overview

@pet3rpan where do you alert the community of online virtual community calls and offline meetups?

Also, is the Wizard of DApps podcast associated with MetaCartel? Is it worth it to follow this podcast to learn about what is happening in the MetaCartel community?

Hello @thedoctor, welcome!
The community calls are closed to the DAO members, so you’ll have to join if you want to be receiving the call invites :upside_down_face:
For all other updates, you can subscribe to the newsletter & follow on Twitter.
Wizard of DApps is not a MetaCartel project but also kind of is - because it’s ran by Peter & he interviews a lot of the MetaCartel folk :man_shrugging:

Hi @pETH thank you for the response, I have subscribed to the newsletter and followed on Twitter. Is joining the Metacartel DAO the same as joining the Metacartel VC DAO? I am particularly interested in the VC DAO.

Peter does a great job with Wizard of DApps by the way.

Happy New Year!