#cryptoCOVID19 Support Nonprofits Fighting COVID19 and Supporting Crypto

Gitcoin and The Giving Block have teamed up to support crypto-friendly nonprofits on the frontlines of fighting coronavirus. Right now, ETH / DAI / ERC20 donations are being matched by Gitcoin and Vitalik here: https://gitcoin.co/grants/?type=health

Government responses are failing. It’s up to individuals and companies to step up and fill the gap. Not only can you do good by supporting these crypto-friendly nonprofits, but you can also lower your tax bill. Imagine hearing about crypto for the first time because it was used in a nonprofit context. Now compare that with how most people associate crypto with illicit activity. This is the time to change the crypto narrative. Join #cryptoCOVID19 today. This will be crypto’s finest hour.

The proposal

DAO funding proposal:

$2,000 USD split among the #cryptoCOVID19 participating nonprofits.