DAO based NFT marketplace and interactive community where artists are fully respected

NFTBase is the metaverse marketplace and community

to accelerate the advent of the world where human creativity is fully respected,

and everyone can enjoy the ownership of digital assets without the dependence on third party


  • NFT market has an asymmetry in demand and supply (Supply of NFT is too bigger than demand in the end, [Chalie lee said])
  • NFT market should be revised to be a sustainable market ( Vitalik Buterin said )
    1. NFT can be a social good and great way to fund artists
    1. With high level of social coordination, NFT can be used for public good by donating some part of the value to charity for orphans, animal protection, artists etc,.
    1. Social media can help the process for the social coordination - making people believe NFT is worthy and good, because NFT is good.
  • There are too many NFT, so it’s not easy to curate great artists, and they are having problems to display their valuable NFT


  • We need to make a community of artists and collectors, not just a marketplace to sell NFTs
  • In the community, users will be able to interact to discuss and curate what is good artwork.
  • We will give more chances to artists by providing 3D art gallery.

What we believe is important

  • Decentralization
  • Pure Ownership
  • Human creativity
  • Helping others

What we have done

What we will do

  • We will launch NFT maketplace platform in April of 2021
  • We will mint token in 4th quarter of 2021 and NBT (NFTBase Token) will be used for DAO governance
  • We will make open 3D art galleries where verified and quality artists can have more chance to display their valuable NFT itmes.
  • We will donate 1% of revenue (Why? please click here *)*
  • We will give buyers options for donation (They can decide organizations where they want to donate)
  • NFT holders can be curators and find and recommend good artists.
  • We will make a platform where good artists can be easily respected and found by curators.

Apologies if this comes off as overly simplifying , but would you say this is some type of community owned OpenSea?

A few Q’s:

  • Where does the community exist now ?
  • What type of ownership will you actually give to the community ?
  • What projects have you and your team built prior to this current idea ?
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Thanks, Mr.Yalor for your question.
I’m gald to answer your question, it will help others to have a better understanding of NFTBase as well.
Let me answer your questions.

** Where does the community exist now ?*

  • The community is not developed yet.
  • The community will be set up on 3D Showcase. In the showcase, we will add trollbox to make people possible to communicate their appreciation about 3D artworks. Just imagine you talk to other people in offline art gallery to talk about your appreciation and feelings.
  • As their account is connected to their social media account, we would be able to make users directly connect to other people through trollbox.
  • Once users gather, we will make private message service among users.

** What type of ownership will you actually give to the community ?*

  • Through DAO system, we will give people power to participate in diverse decisions.
  • For example, we will give those who contribute much in the platform, curating power.
  • If an artwork is curated by curators, then the artists can display their artworks on 3D showcase.
  • For contributors, we will give them invitation tickets. As only approved artists can become artists in the platform, this invitation means a lot. Think about the invitation system of “Club House”.
  • This is really important because now in the NFT marketplaces, the supply of NFT is overwhelming demand, so we need to select whose artworks to be displayed. In this case, we need to give more chances to real artists. Curating is the most important thing when we see NFT is a funding for artists.

** What projects have you and your team built prior to this current idea ?*

  • We’ve built several blockchain proejcts, but this is the first challenge as our own.
  • However, I’m sure that we have a plenty of experiences in the blockchain area, because we’ve worked in this industry since 2016.
  • We’ve developed auto-market making system, minted cryptocurrency projects currently ranked in 500th in coinmarketcap, we’ve worked with cryptocurrency exchanges etc,.
  • We have more than 10 years of development career and 5 years in the blockchain area.

For the last thing,

  • We want to make a good platform which contibute for artists by giving them more chances to display their artworks through 3D art showcase (gallery)
  • We will donate 1% of revenue, because it’s the most direct way to help others.
  • We will give options for collectors to donate their purchasement payment to charity, if the artists agree before they list up their NFT items.

Thanks !
If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reply on this !