DAO Meta Proposal: Operation Colour

I am very proud of who we are and what we have done here so far with MetaCartel.

DAOs are able to create a fairer world. They allow for governance on a broader scale that enables for the diversity of thought, ideas, and people on a level we will have never see before. If DAOs ever will succeed, it will be because of the diversity in expertise, collective wisdom and the will of a community to coordinate. I believe at MetaCartel, we are building the ground zero for Web 3 to emerge: the soft human layer of the puzzle. And it starts with our community and the people around us.

I have written this post to shine a new light on an emerging priority for MetaCartel as we continue to grow and build our community.

To put it bluntly, there aren’t a lot of women involved in MetaCartel. And I believe it is important to get more women in the community involved.

MetaCartel always thrived through the diversity it has had. We are infamous for our chilli memes and our propensity to attract some of the craziest and most outlier people in the crypto. We are the weird, the strange and perhaps even the misfits of Ethereum. Our weirdness has empowered us creatively and operationally. Today, I believe MetaCartel is at an inflection point, in which we should be investing in greater gender diversity. Creating more diversity will only let us do even more special things. We’ll have better ideas, and become stronger through better-balanced teams. I also fear that if we fail to act while we still have a chance, we’ll also forever lose the opportunity to become something bigger and more inclusive than what we are right now.

In crypto, there aren’t a lot of women. As such this is reflected in MetaCartel itself. To change the status quo, we must do so with initiative - just like we have done with everything else: DAOs, DApps and Community.

I believe we can progress in diversity without sacrificing the core of who we are, the powerful culture we have forged and all the magic in between. We can do so without the typical rage thats usually accompanied with pitchforks in hand. I don’t want us to tippy-toeing around this issue as we’ll never then make any progress around it. I want us to openly discuss and debate for and against on how we achieve this goal. This means safe discussion without policing and without anyone being ostracized for their views. In this pursuit, I will stand for a culture of nuance, care and respect for each other (this goes both ways for both, relationships are two-way streets). These matters aren’t black and white, and no matter what: compromise will always be key (again, goes both ways).

I’d like to start small with initial steps to make changes in this area. Let’s start small and manageable. Lets experiment. Lets have fun while we’re at it :grinning:

Now that I have rambled on enough, I want to open this thread up for suggestions on how we can get more women into the MetaCartel Community / MetaCartel DAO.

:arrow_right: Post ideas you have in this thread.

ps. I am open to chat via twitter.

Also thank you to @AlexMasmej for pushing me to face this issue within the community. It matters and I am glad I listened.


Idea: Lower minimum pledge for women in MetaCartel DAO from 10 WETH to 5 WETH

Design choice: We should never give up on our culture of meritocracy. Shares must be earnt. Either through pledging or through work. I suggest, we lowered our pledge minimum as a sign of our stance towards inclusivity and hopefully at the same time encourage more pledges through a more affordable price. I believe this lowers barriers of entry while mostly still upholding our values of folks “earning their way in”.

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Idea: MetaGals, funding application layer projects by women
Design Choice: I strongly believe that if we explicitly say we welcome women only, we can attract unexpected great entrepreneurs doing projects in ways that are novel and potentially groundbreaking for the space.

This diversity effort will lower barriers of entry to women, not the selection process itself.

Idea 1: Ask women

Let’s ask women for suggestions, instead of trying to come up with solutions ourselves.

Idea 2: Support other groups
I don’t think it makes sense for this group to attempt to “change the status quo”. I don’t think it would even make an impact. Instead we should support other diverse groups that already exist.

@PatrickG thanks for your responses:

Idea 1: we all agree on this, just like startup talks to their users, we have to find out whether our actions have any resonance whatsoever; we currently are

Idea 2: agree on supporting other groups where ongoing discussions will hopefully materialize, but disagree on dismissing “change the status quo”; changing the status quo is why we’re in tech to start with, isn’t rDAI a group trying to change the financial status quo? Also most women we asked (see Idea 1) said they would welcome such an effort. :slight_smile:

merp. As a woman, I’m glad that you guys actively care to get diverse talent and perspectives in. I didn’t join MetaCartel before because it didn’t seem like anyone actively cared to reach out to women. Now that y’all made it clear that was an intention, then that peaked my interest.

Speaking for myself, I typically join organizations if there is a structure (or resources) and clear purpose. I also join organizations if there is a network or community of people worth joining and hanging out with.

I typically leave communities if I feel disengaged or lack a shared identity.

Anyways, the MetaCartel community has built a strong community and I want to continue to support it. Which is why I help create Meta Gamma Delta (https://twitter.com/metagammadelta) a buidl sorority and a channel that will capture users and send them back to MetaCartel and other DAOs to engage in.