DAO Project Special Deals

If you would like to provide a special deal to the projects the DAO helps support and fund, please post below! I’d imagine this being similar to how with vendors provide TechStars and YC companies special deals such as cloud credits or special discounts.

It could potentially be a great way to gain some exposure for your business while helping community projects. :basketball:


Hey everyone!

QuikNode would like to offer the next 5 dApps which get funded a QuikNode ETH node. DM me to claim!

QuikNode is a provider of Web3 infrastructure – currently offering dedicated ETH nodes on MainNet and popular TestNets, on both Geth and Parity client.

More on what we do here + why we do it here + developer resources here!


Really enjoying watching the evolution of this DAO initiative :muscle:

Quidli normally allows companies & projects to share equity with up to 5 team members (full-time, freelance, business partners, etc.) for free. While our current business model is to start charging per team member starting from 6 shareholders, we’re happy to offer companies that mention this post up to 8 team members for free.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ping me here or via email (justin@quid.li) :v: