DAO Proposal: DAOresear.ch πŸ‘½ 🌢

All DAOs. All day! DAOresear.ch :alien:

DAOresearch is a research lab aggregating news and insights related to DAOs. Our goal is to help people understand, create, and join DAOs.

To start we find awesome DAO stuff and shill it out on the DAOresearch Twitter :bird:. Then we aggregate that information into a Weekly Newsletter :mailbox_with_mail:. Then we compile relevant information into a Research Library :books: with information on DAOs in the Wild :lion: as well as DAO Related Things :memo: such as tokeneconomics, governance, and community building. As the space evolves we will create opinionated content (via our blog and newsletter) providing a perspective on the DAO news of the day. As we learn what works and what doesn’t we will create content explaining the models that are thriving, how they operate, and how to get involved.

We’re reaching out to MetaCartel because you guys are awesome. We want to be part of the community. More concretely, we would like to make DAOresearch into a living library that people who are interested in DAO related research can contribute to and engage with. What better to do this than by joining the most awesome community driven DAO of them all?

We are requesting 10 shares to join the MetaCartel. This will allow us to better understand how MetaCartel operates and what makes it different. We will then use that knowledge to improve the MetaCartel :hot_pepper: DAO page. This will include highlighting how MetaCartel as a DAO operates, how people can get involved, and how others might follow the MetaCartel model to launch communities of their own. Where this information exists we will document it and make it as accessible as possible. When needed, we will also work with MetaCartel to create new content.

In short, our goal is to help people build and join awesome DAOs. Currently, this is difficult because the space is exploding with opportunities and it’s hard to know where to start. We are creating a 1-stop shop to help people learn about, join, and build DAOs. MetaCartel is an awesome DAO and we’d like to join you and receive your support in order to help more people build more awesome DAOs.


Big fan of this intiative, I would love to see DAOresear.ch come under the Cartel wings :eagle:

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+1 love to see information + DAO experimentation


Proposal on-chain https://pokemol.com/dao/0x0372f3696fa7dc99801f435fd6737e57818239f2/proposal/107