DAO proposal: DeFiZap

:wave:Hello MetaCartel! I’m currently working on DeFiZap: a system of smart contracts - Zaps - that deploys ETH (and soon DAI) across multiple DeFi protocols in one transaction. Get instant access to interesting opportunities in DeFi:
:rocket:Leveraged Liquidity Pooling and more coming soon as we keep observing the space and remixing new use cases while keeping education at the core of our approach.

DeFiZap doesn’t spread ETH across ‘top 10 on coinmarketcap’ - Zaps inject ETH into financial protocols built on top of Ethereum, furthering user adoption.
and more coming as we keep observing the space and remixing new use cases while keeping education at the core of our approach.

Everything we’ve done so far has been purely based on constant user feedback and iterations.

We’ve integrated ENS capabilities to allow users to access DeFi opportunities simply by sending ETH to human-readable addresses directly from their Ethereum wallet. Just input an address like “MKRUnipool.DeFiZap.eth”, tweak the gas limit to 1,500,000 and boom! You’re now MKR/ETH Pool Liquidity Provider on Uniswap.

In the future, we plan on further enhancing on-boarding experiences with a number of Venmo-like tools to make the process as friendly & digestible as possible. :zap::unicorn::chart_with_upwards_trend::fuelpump::money_with_wings::currency_exchange::money_mouth_face::zap:

Current progress:

  • August 1st: First tutorial published on DeFiTutorials.com - currently 500+ active readers.

  • September 18th: After getting some feedback, built DeFiStrategies.com educational simulator mvp with no code in a weekend. 80+ Early user surveys collected.

  • October 8: After some more feedback, formulated idea around DeFiZap. Saw Kyber’s hackathon happening around that time. Reached out on Kyber Discord looking for help. Started working with Dipesh + Tosh.

  • October 26: First Zap (Lender) deployed on the mainnet.

  • November 12: DeFiZap Wins #KyberDeFi Hackathon.

  • December 9: Observing a paintpoint some users experience when interacting with Uniswap Pools we created Unipool Zaps. These Zaps caught the most traction so far. Received a big shoutout from Uniswap. Suhail from DaiEmbassy joined us.

  • Current available Zaps and stats on how much ETH was deployed into DeFi through Zaps.

  • Q1 we are going to focus on integrations as we received a lot of interest, experiment with some revenue generation models.

Community love:

Why MetaCartel:

  • First and foremost we would love your guidance as our goal is to always keep education at the core of our approach, we want top quality investment advice.

  • Need some funds to help us get to sustainability in Q1. Initial $4,000 grant ask, split into two tranches (first received now and another received after milestone 1) as we build a sustainable business in Q1. We’ve been running lean, just our bills + SC audit + legal. Milestone 1: $1,000 generated from fees (Kyber + activity from upcoming integrations).

  • We want to be aligned with industry’s best talent & partners and hopefully can rely on their relationships to introduce us to investors who share a similar vision.


First, thank you for putting together so many awesome DeFi resources and tools :books:

Second, DeFiZap is awesome! Really love that A) it saves time (a non-renewable resource!) and B) the onboarding flow recommends Zaps I might like (which also saves me time!). Overall, super impressed. The only thing I don’t like is that I didn’t discover DeFiZaps sooner.

All that being said, how do you guys make money? I think the DeFi tutorials said that zaps don’t charge fees, but if so, how does DeFiZap sustain operations?