DAO Proposal: Digital DNA, your talent digitized


Fund the World Tech team $5,000 for our work in technology education in Latin America.

We pioneered on-site coding bootcamps in Latin America back in 2014 and have worked in the technology education field since then. We recently launched makerkits.io to enable children from rural schools to receive 1 year of STEAM education training with the sponsorship of other students and teachers. We are Open Sourcing our STEAM curriculum once finished and need to complete the mobile version of our web app to enable offline access for remote rural areas.

We are also working on bootcamps.online, an education marketplace that pays you with Dharma Cash, our token, every time you get new skills or teach new skills.

The system consists of:

  1. an ID token which maps out your skills, learning style and cadence (aspirational and current) - we called this the “digital DNA” system.
  2. Dharma Cash, a security token that enables you to earn educational credits, brands discounts and/or crypto investments (round-ups authorized previously).

We have an initial version here: https://bo-webapp-development.herokuapp.com/ - you can signup as a student or as a mentor; we need the grant to finish the platform, the token and initial deployment.

I am a former professional soccer player turned software designer. I am very passionate about technology education and unleashing potential regardless of your nationality or place of origin. I have seen how unleveled the playing field is and how much talent we are missing out on because of a lack of access to quality education.