DAO Proposal: Dragon Quest 🐉


MetaCartel is a global community with a remote-first focus.

We believe that the best teams and builders come from every part of the globe thus a virtual hackathon is the perfect way to welcome humans from anywhere to team up, learn together, and build cool stuff.

A common misconception around the world is that ‘hacking’ specifically means coding or software development. This is simply not true, and to prove it we’re inviting all types of hackers to join us on this quest. Whether you’re a designer, illustrator, artist, writer, philosopher, blogger, marketer, game designer or hold any of a plethora of other skills, we want to help you build on Ethereum!

The remote format of Dragon Quest will set a new standard for virtual events. We will engage a diverse and global audience to support and sponsor their development of the Web3 ecosystem. To learn more please check out the following resources:


The end deliverable will be a MetaCartel Virtual Hackathon format that can be deployed on demand. We have already started executing prelaunch to coordinate volunteers and engage with hackers. The event officially kicks off April 1st and we will have content and workshops throughout the month. The hackathon lasts 30 days and will conclude with prizes in early May.

This also allows the community of MetaCartel ecosystem Dapps to get loads of exposure to hackers and deploy bounties inside the Discord.

Funding Request

  • 55 DAO shares

These funds go toward internal operations of the virtual event, marketing, content creation, community management, wrangling judges and sponsors + reflection posts for the Dragon Quest “what did we learn?”

  • 50% at the acceptance of this proposal.

  • 50% at the close of the event.