DAO Proposal: ETHDenver Activities :D

ETHDenver is going to have a huge MetaCartel presence this year, this grant is to ensure maximum impact for all DAO members in attendance! :hot_pepper: This will be achieved through three key initiatives that progress the exposure, standing & hype around MetaCartel activities:

  • Hosting a Metacartel event at ETHDenver, (looking like it’ll be Thursday 13th of Feb). @AlexMasmej will be handling the logistics & planning of the event. The night will be the loved Metacartel flavor, brief presentations from the most recent grantee wave (as well as possibly previous waves) as well as any other relevant content followed by drinks & networking.

  • Metacartel swag boxes for hackers (looking at 250 boxes) @Darren is handling logistics & planning of the swag boxes. These boxes will include: stickers from any/all Metacartel members/companies, fun DeFi/DAO onboarding leaflets (Imagine ‘enter this code in order to have $5 streamed to you over the hackathon from Sablier) as well as other miscellaneous swag & snacks.

  • General admin overhead, misc accommodation related costs, drinks & food to stock the Airbnb, Transport to/from ETHDenver and other events, a MetaCartel dinner, etc. ETHDenver is going to be one of the largest MetaCartel turnouts in recent history, making sure there’s enough coin in the bank for everyone to survive makes sense!

2500 DAI, grant to be used for Metacartel operations at/around ETHDenver.

Grant Funding Allocation:

$500-$1k USD to be spent on Metacartel event set up @AlexMasmej

$500-$1k USD to be spent on Metacartel swag boxes for ETHDenver @Darren

$500-$1k USD to be spent on overhead, drinks, food, transport, etc. Plus possibly MetaCartel Dinner with any remaining funds.

The funds from this grant will be coordinated by Me, @AlexMasmej & @Darren

Here’s a picture of 11/10 Metacartel x Denver loot boxes to get you excited! :partying_face::tada:


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