DAO Proposal: ETHWaterloo bounty for Burner Wallet 2 Plugins

Austin Griffith’s launch of the Burner Wallet at ETHDenver showed an exciting new paradigm for building easy-to-use blockchain applications. Over the past few months, I’ve worked to build a stable, modular framework for building Burner Wallets, called the Burner Wallet 2. This project has gained substantial community support and powered experiences at ETHBoston, ETHBerlin and Devcon (with a fresh new design).

One major feature of the Burner Wallet 2 is a robust interface for integrating plugins into the wallet. This allows developers to easily experiment with potential Burner Wallet ideas, without having to build an entire application. A number of plugins have already been built for the Burner Wallet, such as the Ching plugin which adds support for the Ching POS system.

For more information about the Burner Wallet 2, check out this recent blog post, or take a look at the code.


On November 8th, the second ETHWaterloo hackathon will kick off. Similar to ETHDenver, all attendees of ETHWaterloo will be given paper wallets and will use a Burner Wallet for purchasing food and drinks. Austin Griffith is providing assistance on creating a fun “stock market” experience for buying drinks at the after party.

Hackathon bounty

In addition to powering the ETHWaterloo, I’m hoping to encourage hackers to use the Burner Wallet 2 as a framework for building their submissions. The Burner Wallet 2 significantly improves developer experience by abstracting away many intricacies of dapp development.

I am requesting 2 ETH to fund a bounty for the hackathon. The 2 best submissions that build using the Burner Wallet will receive 1 ETH each.