DAO Proposal: Fest DAO

tldr of Fest DAO:

  • Fest DAO is a DAO made up of crypto event organisors around the world
  • It charges companies to run events and has so far been running the DAOFest for DAOStack (but Fest DAO is itself is an independent project led by Felipe Duarte, the CEO of Fest DAO and also newly wedded Summoner of Orochi DAO)

Proposal details:

  • Fund DAO Fest for their great work in the ecosystem
  • We get our logo on all their events throughout their year
  • Total amount: 4,000 USD for this first year (first 2k upfront, another 2k in 6 months)
  • We become the first backers of Fest DAO and also Fest DAO joins the MetaCartel Ecosystem
  • Felipe, the CEO of Fest DAO already stepped up to become the Summoner of Orochi DAO members so already adding value to the MetaCartel ecosystem

Further docs:

Stoked for this partnership!

As per request by Peter, here’s the wallet: 0xce7298E5ef1aE8AF0573eDC2eBd03aB0F837E214