DAO Proposal: Fork The World


With the Cartel morphing into a DAO incubator, it probably makes sense to fund a DAO hackathon :man_shrugging:

Fork The World - a hackathon for building, using & promoting the tools for decentralized organizing.

Fork the World announcement post.
Fork The World + Hack For Freedom = DAO Hack Month
If anyone wants to apply for a workshop, hacking or whatever - here

It will kick off with a few talks & some workshops:

  • What kind of organizations can you build.
  • What kind of DAOs (tools) are there.
  • Does it make sense to start one for your project?
  • Launching your DAO.
  • Moloch Minion workshop?

Followed (AND mixed) by hacking sessions/periods.

  • People hacking on org designs, visual design for tooling & whatever.
  • People hacking on upgrades & tooling for existing DAOs.
  • People hacking on some content, educational or promotional memes/posts/videos
  • People trying to hack a DAO?

Followed by an outcome:

  • The workshops recorded, published through MetaMedia, and available inside the MetaLibrary for the long term.
  • The hacked-on projects integrated into existing DAOs, launched as their own DAOs or both.
  • Hackathon projects & educational content pumping DAO use.


Hackathons can be hit & miss; they often don’t produce much value beyond solving specific problems for sponsors who post bounties. There is no guarantee good projects will come out.
Let’s make a portion of the funds ragequittable?
Instead of fixed 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes, there is a prize pool and we decide how to allocate it after the event?
Maybe it makes most sense to allocate the same amount to 4 projects, or maybe only 1 project is really good. Maybe no project is good, but the workshops were great. Maybe the cartel is not happy with how it all went, in which case I don’t ask for any allocation.

The funding would also focus on projects that seem to make most sense in the long run, not the ones that just look coolest. Disproportionally to the ones who decide to turn their project into a DAO?
(the ones that end up integrated into existing projects, would be paid by those projects)




lets fork the world :fire:


DragonQuest was epic! Now it’s time to fork the world!