DAO Proposal: Give Darren Shares!

Darren Mills has been the longest standing not DAO, DAO member – It’s time for this to be fixed!

Darren has contributed his design wizardry to molochDAO, YangDAO, MarketingDAO, Raid Guild, MetaFactory, MetaCartel event design as well as participating in Multi-sig Con0 in Denver last year (portfolio sample).
This proposal is to give Darren 3 shares, well overdue & will be great to have Darren officially in the DAO!

Darren’s ETH address: 0x1dac51886d5b461fccc784ad3813a5969dd42e6f

Darren’s latest efforts have been preparing these 11/10 MetaCartel hacker kits to give to ETHDenver hackers with plenty of Metacartel flavored loot inside! There’s also a proposal here link to be added to the proposal for ETHDenver grant.


Fully deserved! See you all in Denver squad

Proposal is here https://dao.metacartel.org/proposal/71

I am voting FOR this proposal as I’ve seen Darren contribute non-tangibles in person in addition to the design deliverables.