DAO Proposal: HackDAO 1million DAOs in China

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I’m the summoner of DAOSquare. We are launching the “1 million DAOs in China” campaign, HackDAO is the opening show!


We are organizing a DAO hackathon (online) called HackDAO. This is the opening program of our “One Million DAO in China” program. It has many meanings:

Social value
In China, both office workers and entrepreneurs have been devastated by traditional corporate structures (see the detail in the proposal document). DAO is a solution, but few people know it. The purpose of HackDAO is to help more Chinese know and understand DAO, and try to use DAO. HackDAO is the beginning of the “One Million DAO in China” plan. We will promote the development of DAO in China based on HackDAO and let DAO to create more social value.

Ethereum ecosystem development
The Ethereum ecosystem needs more participants, especially non-technical people. DAO is an important bridge for Ethereum to enter these social groups. The participation of these social groups will accelerate the development and prosperity of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Proposal doc:

Introduction about HackDAO:



Hope to get your support!

Please let me know if you have any questions


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Love this idea. :face_with_monocle:

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Thank you, this idea just becomes a true