DAO Proposal: KIPA is an extension for minting and selling NFTs

I came to MetaCartel to meet people, work together, impact the community start a project that could take some funds from the DAO and add to blockchain community as a whole.

Introducing KIPA

KIPA is a NFTs bowser extension that’s focused on helping non-crypto users mint and sell their collectibles and tokens.

We’re mainly a team of 2 people. I am a Front-end/Web developer, and Brian Nguyen is a Solidity dev.

What problem is KIPA going to solve.

Exchanges like Opensea, Emoon, Rarebits etc only list collectibles submitted by crypto users unknowingly leaving behind the non-crypto digital artists.

A typical blockchain or cypto user understands that selling any NFT maybe as a professional digital artist or not will require an exchange like Opensea, Rarebits etc but a non-crypto person who doesn’t understand what NFTs are will rather stay in the shadow of the centralized art communities, puts it up for sale, then waits for a buyer until he/she can make a dime off their work.

KIPA browser extension is going to serve as a connector between the under-served centralized art communities and NFTs community and also bridge the gap so the under-served communities benefit from the freedom the decentralized sector is enjoying.

Our ultimate goal is to lower the barrier to adoption and enable non-crypto and crypto users to create their own blockchain assets to use however they wish.

Tokens created through the KIPA Extension are powered by smart contracts that enable the minting and selling features.

Game developers can utilize smart contracts to create bound tokens, peer-to-peer transaction fees, whitelisted marketplaces, and consumable tokens.

Tokens created using this service will be fully supported by any web 3.0 wallets.

Why KIPA is different and how does it advance UX and usability

Platforms like Mintbase, Enjin’s Mintshop, Mintportal, Moken etc can all mint token but the user has to visit the site to be able to do so.

It’s different with KIPA. As long as the users is using a browser, he/she can mint ERC - 721 and ERC - 1155 tokens instantly through the KIPA browser extension without leaving their favourite site like Dribbble, Pixiv, Artstation, Behance etc. The minted NFTs or collectibles can be listed on exchanges like Opensea, Emoon etc.

Creative Artists? Why this problem?

Game and Art market contributes to a very large percent of the world economy. If the crypto and blockchain space could tap into just one-fifth of this market, then it could add around £1 billion to the market valuation and this can only be achieved if there are more platforms and not just few.

Digital artists are forced to bend to annual or monthly subscriptions that comes with no guarantee of sales, privacy or safety of their personal data is not certain and this platforms are 100% centralized.

If in the decentralized world, NFTs users who are not professional digital artists sell all kinds of NFTs on exchanges everyday and earn some good money for themselves by just listing excluding the crazy monthly fee or submitting their personal data then the professionals who are far more vast in digital arts should be able to make even more money for themselves every single day.

Some of the examples of non-fungible tokens are listed but they all are from the virtual world

#1. Decentraland is an open source gaming platform that represents a virtual world where you can have virtual pieces of land and other collectibles.

#2. Cryptofighters is a game which allows you to collect, battle and level up your fighters to win new fighters.

#3. Etherbots is a game where you can put together a robot from various (NFT) parts and have them fight against each other.

#4. Ethermon is like pokemon on the blockchain.

#5. Rare peppes one of the earliest crypto collectible implementations based on Counterparty.

#6. Spells of Genesis, a digital card game with some elements of trade-ability of cards enabled through Counterparty.

The product metrics :

Places where the extension can be used/Integrated includes major browsers including Chrome. Firefox, Opera, UC Web etc.

Any NFTs that is minted on through the KIPA extension will pay a gas fee.

Minted NFTs can be listed or traded on any other NFT exchanges like OpenSea , Emoon, Rarebits etc.

Asking for 4000 DAI. Funds will be used for building this extension and the transaction fee we get will be used to maintain the platform.

Thanks to all of you. Would love feedback.

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We had a chat about just focusing on: Helping non-crypto artists mint and sell NFTs

*That was my feedback, to mainly focus more on one usecase at a time

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Is this a secondary marketplace/extension to list/tip on NFTs bought from other marketplaces or also a primary marketplace. Seems like a couple of things going on here?

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The idea has been updated. Thanks.

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