DAO Proposal: Llama

I was offered 5,000 USD for MetaCartel’s post ETHOnline hackathon support program. I have summarized my DAO proposal below.

Llama: A tool to manage your crypto community treasury.


Make it easier for the community to manage its treasury and provide real-time, human-readable transparency on treasury transactions.

Hub for Community Treasuries


Human-Readable Transaction History

See community treasury’s transaction history with ability to sort, filter, and search based on date, value, proposal ID, transaction ID, and category. Admin/project owner can edit category, proposal ID, and notes.

Community Treasury Dashboard

Summary of how much is spent in the month, how much is left to spend, and how much is available in the treasury. Admin/project owner can edit budgeted expenses.

This is a video overview of what I’m working on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0BTWObj9Vo.


5,000 USD per MetaCartel’s post ETHOnline hackathon support program. I have been in touch with @pet3rpan, @yalor, and @vengist.


Shreyas Hariharan; Twitter: https://twitter.com/HelloShreyas. I currently manage the treasury for $JAMM and was previously part of the investment team at Duke University’s $18B endowment. I’m interested in solving the treasury management problem in crypto. I’m considering working with one more person.


1-month: Build v1 product and onboard one community ($JAMM).

3-month: Get user feedback from $JAMM community, iterate on product and workflow, onboard 5-10 communities (focus on DAOs), help communities categorize their historical transactions in the right way.

1-year: Onboard 50+ communities. Work on few or all of these adjacent problems: easy way to interface with accountants & tax people, integrate treasury management with voting tools, incorporate off-chain expenses for VC funded projects, produce real-time financial statements, standardization/10k equivalent for crypto projects.


Hey @HelloShreyas thanks for making this proposal, let’s get you an on-chain prop next https://pokemol.com/dao/0xee629a192374caf2a72cf1695c485c5c89611ef2/ PING me if you need a walk through I’m happy to help !

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