DAO proposal: MetaCartel Dragon Quest Winners

The Dragon Quest Hackathon is live here

As discussed with @pet3rpan the bounty amount for the winners is as follows:

  1. 3k :money_with_wings: (ETH/DAI)
  2. 1k :money_with_wings: (ETH/DAI)
  3. 1k :money_with_wings: (ETH/DAI)
  4. 1k :money_with_wings: (ETH/DAI)
  5. 1k :money_with_wings: (ETH/DAI)

I’m requesting $7,000 in DAI to load the bounties on Bounties.Network.

With help from @ahoff we’ve deployed a multi-sig to manage these funds here:

Safe Deposit Address: 0x0ed697D48fedBEe30776877aeA74d94FC46aC253

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This would be great, but why is the first place winner 3X the others?

Have you thought of distributing rewards on a curve, perhaps based on Fibonacci scaling?

  • 1st place: 2947.37 DAI
  • 2nd place: 1842.11 DAI
  • 3rd place: 1105.26 DAI
  • 4th place: 736.84 DAI
  • 5th place: 368.42 DAI

Nothing is set in stone, plus I like snails :snail:

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Lets do it! cool suggestion @burrrata

@Yalor @pet3rpan I see from the Dragon Quest README that we did not go with the Fibonacci scaling for prizes. Is this because the prizes are being evaluated on different criteria and thus it doesn’t make sense to evaluate them on the same scale, or was there another reason?

Just updated, was a good ideas. Thx B !

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Archiving/ Withdrawing this request as we won’t need to pay out this amount anymore, I’ve managed to raise about $4k from sponsors the amount can be viewed here https://gnosis-safe.io/app/#/safes/0x0ed697D48fedBEe30776877aeA74d94FC46aC253/balances