DAO Proposal: Multisig Friends @ ETHDenver

Hi everyone,

Following organizational work featuring @Dekan & @JamesW, we are pleased to say an event is coming up with MetaCartel during ETHDenver. Not event clashes, right in the middle of the week.

Place: Enterprise (same as Multisig Con for mafia OGs), a strategic BUIDL week place.
Time: Wednesday 12 February 2020, 1-3PM (ideal for talks)

We would love to invite the likes of MetaCartel Grants (JW), @Nodar (DeFiZap), Dekan/@vengist /Sam (DAOHaus/Pokemol/Raid Guild), @META_DREAMER (MetaGame) and myself (Rocket) to give a 10-15 mins talk. Actual availabilities will be confirmed closer to the end date. Are you here? Give us a shout and we’ll make sure to add you to the lineup!

Price: around $400 to book the place, snacks included. Also putting down 1 ETH worth of my social token $ALEX in order to lower the fiat price.