DAO Proposal: Open Metrics Dashboard (OMD) Growth & Development

Within the MetaCartel, we’ve frequently discussed for-profit opportunities in the web3 space as a means of growth for the entire ecosystem. An initial step towards that goal is surfacing dApp metrics publicly for all to see.

Not only does this aid in discoverability (i.e -wow this dapp exists), it also aids in investability (i.e wow this dapp is cool AND has revenue potential).

To demonstrate investability, dApp projects need to surface metrics investors care about. Not just users, transaction volume, etc-- but useful user behavior metrics (retention, engagement) and REVENUE.

Open Metrics Dashboard

The idea of an Open Metrics Dashboard (OMD) was originally posted here in the MetaCartel forum a few weeks ago. Myself and a few others in the MetaCartel took the idea and ran with it. The development of an MVP and proof of concept is almost complete and is ready to start collecting data in order to surface and visualize dApp metrics.

Now, the OMD team requests a grant of $4k to get the platform to the next level and fully functional.

Amount Requested: $4k

Specific use of funds:

  • Pay for seeding the OMD with project data
  • Back-end analytics configuration and maintenance
  • Development updates as the team gains initial feedback
  • Pay contract devs for needed interim upgrades

Success metrics by ETHwaterloo:

  • 5 pilot dApps with data in the OMD (work closely and integrate with the teams)
  • 10 total dapps integrated
  • 2,000 events total tracked
  • Platform configured to scale to 100 dApps and beyond

Timeline: Completed by ETHwaterloo on 11/8/19