DAO Proposal: RenaissanceDAO Grant Application

Hey everyone!

I’m Alex, one of the founders of RenaissanceDAO. I’m excited to share what we’ve been working on and to ask for a grant from MetaCartel to support our efforts.


RenaissanceDAO is a decentralized collective of content creators interested in Web3 technologies. The DAO performs the role of a bridge between Web2 and Web3 while providing a collaborative environment for content creators to experiment with the future of monetization.

RenaissanceDAO is exploring new models of creator patronage. We believe that we are going to be in a golden age for the patronage of creators because of the recent developments in blockchain technology. It is going to enable creators to finally own their work and to escape the Web2 trap of working for social media corporations and will allow them to become investors and owners in the new metaverse. We believe that content creators are going to be the early adopters that drive mass adoption of blockchain technology. Creators will be building their own platforms and ecosystems for their audiences using social tokens, NFTs, DAOs and Web3 technologies. We are imagining new futures and utilizing the metaverse to bring ideas into reality.

Content creators are currently struggling in Web2 to earn a stable income. And there is a lack of content creators in Web3 to scale the entire ecosystem. There is no clear bridge for creators to transition from Web2 to Web3.

A Web3 collective of creators that collaborate to create content and experiment with new models of monetization. We will enable creators to access benefits of the collective through a DAO.

Launch $REC membership / community tokens through the Rally Creator Coin program to explore membership perks and rewards for participation. The tokens are used to lower barriers to entry for creators that are not exposed to crypto, provide Discord and community access gating, and a payments infrastructure to pay creators in our ecosystem. We are implementing a DAO to coordinate partnerships and business development with blockchain companies, protocols and other DAOs. We have an active Discord Community.

We currently have 20 creators interested in making content and getting rewarded. Their total audience is currently 1 million+ people.

We have an agreement to launch a pilot program and partnership with Rabbithole.gg to work on initial content projects for protocols. Rabbithole.gg recently launched their Pathfinder program which is currently the v1 of the Rabbithole DAO and they will be outsourcing tasks to outside contributors. RenaissanceDAO’s content creators will be participating in contributing content and helping Rabbithole.gg develop and scale their content creation pipeline for their quests.

We are preparing to list a workstream proposal with Gitcoin for content creation.

We hosted our first events to recruit new content creators - expanded our group to 20 creators from 10 creators originally. We are launching our DAO through DAOHaus.

We are focusing on the education of crypto/blockchain utility to a wide non-crypto audience. The way we improve our content quality is by pairing content creators with researchers in the blockchain field to provide credibility and background knowledge. Our goal is to curate a high quality group of creators to work in the web3 space together but have a wide reach in various creator niches (fashion, environment, music, art, etc).

Most of the team met through the Kernel Community. We all recognized the potential of web3 to help creators thrive and that there weren’t many ways to onboard content creators into crypto.

  • Alex Yao: Founding Member, Kernel Fellow, Crypto Content Creator, Online Community Builder and Entrepreneur. Previously Community Manager at Hashflow and Community Development at The Graph Foundation.
  • Diana Chen: Founding Member, Kernel Fellow, runs the Unstoppable Domains podcast, writer, content creator.
  • Liz Strong: Founding Member, Kernel Fellow, Crypto TikToker (58K followers).
  • Jules Espero: Founding Member, Kernel Fellow, Crypto designer, NFT artist.
  • Vajresh Balaji: Founding Member, Kernel Fellow, Community Ambassador at Rally.
  • Sydney Lai: Founding Member, Web 3 Developer Advocate
  • Mark Sandusky: Founding Member, Blockchain Digital Marketer at Peer Through Media, Previously Marketing at Consensys.
  • Henri Mahal: Founding Member, Marketing Lead at District0x.
  • Rahul Nandakumar: Founding Member, Kernel Fellow, Founder of NFT4World, Author, Common Web (Q4 2021).
  • Robin Roy Thomas: Founding Member, Kernel Fellow, Content Writer @ EPNS, CoFounder at BlocDrop and PawnSpace

Grant Request $

Our DAO has not been funded yet.

Distribution of Funds
80% back to DAO community members as the first MVP launch for rewarding creators.
20%-25% of grants used for operations.
DAO expenses: incorporation, software subscriptions.
ETH for gas fees.
Purchasing tokens to mint coins from Rally as rewards to creators for completing bounties or work for the DAO.

We could always use introductions to DAOs or protocols to work with them on content.

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