DAO Proposal: Stablecoinswap - swap stablecoins without slippage


Stablecoinswap is a smart contract with a web interface which allows anyone to swap stablecoins without slippage. Asset prices are set by the oracle. Anyone can deposit funds into the contract to earn trading fees.

More information here http://docs.stablecoinswap.io/ and here https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/cuo33b/introducing_stablecoinswap_a_dapp_which_allows/

Problem 1 - high slippage for anything but small amounts

Swapping even moderate amounts of stablecoins on decentralized exchanges currently bears a high slippage. For example, uniswap spread on TUSD-USDC for 10,000 TUSD is 16.8% due to a large slippage.

Problem 2 - many trading pairs are not available on decentralized exchanges

Some trading pairs are only available on centralized exchanges.


Stablecoinswap contract acts as an on-chain reserve which allows anyone to swap between any supported stablecoins. Prices are set by the oracle which means as long as the contract has enough liquidity, your order will be executed with zero slippage. No matter if the order is just $100 or $100,000.

Progress and roadmap

The project is live on the mainnet and the contract is open-sourced and verified on Etherscan - see our docs (I can’t post more than 2 links here).

We’ve already been integrated into 1inch.exchange and seek to be integrated into more dex aggregators and trading bots. Currently, the focus is on getting into Hummingbot and Kyber.

Funding proposal

We’re asking for $2,000 which will be used to help fund the integration into Kyber and Hummingbot.