DAO Proposal: The Ultimate Marketing Campaign for your Dapp

The Ultimate Marketing Campaign for your Dapp.

How we can create the most epic onboarding flow that web3 has ever seen and get paid through it.

Here is a very raw video of how the process will work (this is an actual implementation in Alice)

TLDR; The user flow is as follows

User Facing

  1. A user receives a Link Drop claim link (which is a deep link to the Alice app)
  2. A user clicks the link, (installs the Alice app and generates new account if needed) then is routed to the Pool Together app with a pop up “Claim DAI and participate in PoolTogether" button.
  3. A user clicks the button

Behind The Scenes

  1. The Alice app signs his address with the claim link key and propagates signature to Linkdrop relayer.
  2. The Linkdrop relayer calls escrow smart-contract, which sends DAI into the pool, so that only receiver can claim the back.

User Facing

  1. A user then sees their claim is successful and their claimed tokens have been deposited into the Pool Together Pool.
  2. An advertisement pop up is then shown to the user, do you want to add more funds to the pool? View this ad (MetaCartel Ads Network).

This proposal comprises of many new technologies.

  1. A LinkDrop link which I believe has the power to be the new airdrop
  2. An Alice mini dapp which I believe will Alice will be the platform that drives mass adoption through mobile as the experience is bar none.
  3. An ad for a crypto product’s ad campaign - DAOSaka, Known Origin etc.
  4. Pool Together, an up and coming project in the Ethereum ecosystem which has a simple UI and is gamifying investment strategies.

The vision with this project is to continue the vision I set out for with Alice, to build sustainable revenue streams through crypto.
If an application such as Pool Together wanted to run a marketing campaign for their app. They can do so by using a LinkDrop campaign to drive traffic to their mobile mini dapp in Alice. The reason you would build a mobile mini dapp is because 1 - it’s easy and 2 - that’s where most users are, in mobile. Then from driving traffic to it’s mini dapp, Pool Together can run an ad campaign in their UI to be able to get extra revenue through web3 ads. An organization (DAOSaka, Known Origin) is paying the user extra DAI for this ad space and they can then benefit in turn from a traffic being driven to their dapp.

Who gets paid?

  • First off Pool Together would be handing out links with DAI.
  • Linkdrop gets paid transaction fees per link claimed.
  • Pool Together gets paid from the Ads Network (who get paid from Known Origin) to provide ad space in their app.
  • Known Origin receives a profit from the sale of a digital art piece.

The proposal is for $5k USD to build a fully operational MVP of a Pool Together Mini Dapp, LinkDrop campaign, and Ads Network ad pop up

Public Address / ENS name

markpereira.eth == 0xA1b02d8c67b0FDCF4E379855868DeB470E169cfB


Notes from Ven and Drew for the DAO


What about focusing this proposal around composability of native alice components to assist dapps in creating native mini dapps?

This is not in the wheelhouse of Alice currently, though there are reusable components that dapp devs can use to build a mini dapp. Possibly follow up in a later grant proposal.

Can the DAO get a more in-depth explanation of the proposed advertising experiment?

Example Process

PoolTogether funds 100 linkdrop tokens for distro through ads

An ad appears somewhere. This can be anywhere online. The ad has a button that says ‘Claim Free DAI’ or similar.

  • The button deeplinks them into Alice
  • If the user does not have the app, they can download and proceed
  • If the user does have the app, goes directly to PoolTogether minidapp
  • In PoolTogether minidapp,
  • User is presented with two options:
  • ‘Claim 1 DAI’ which sends them 1 DAI for use in PoolTogether
  • ‘Claim 2 DAI by viewing this artwork’ which sends them to KnownOrigin
  • In Known Origin, they will be sent to one specific artwork, and the user may purchase that artwork

Main focus of the experiment

Plan/test/implement linkdrop funded advertising
Start experimenting with gathering user activity and delivering back to the advertisers

  • Did they click 1 or 2 dai?
  • Did they onboard into the dapp?
  • Did they buy a piece of artwork?
  • Did they go into another dapp afterward?

Funds split between Alice, PoolTogether, Linkdrop

  • PoolTogether gets most in order to build an Alice minidapp
  • Linkdrop gets some for assisting on linkdrop elements
  • Alice then gets the remainder for dev/product/strategy support

*** Other Potential Proposal Paths**

Fund Alice directly for devcon launch data and usability metrics. Signal that we support this experimentation. Evaluate the value received by users and stickiness of interacting with many dapps within the Alice native app.

Evaluate possibility to focus on a web3 version of this as it could provide more immediate return to the ecosystem. Potential follow-up proposal for an experiment specifically focused on linkdrop advertising in the future.