DAO Proposal: Wallet Notify - A standardized way of sending push notifications to Ethereum wallets!

Ethereum Notifications

Currently, there is no way to notify DApp users, and this leads to issues like poor retention and not ideal UX. This is the first of a hopefully larger scope of work to notify users of events within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Website: https://walletnotify.org/
Devpost: https://devpost.com/software/wallet-notify

Why is this needed?

  • DeFi platforms need a way to notify users when debt positions are about to be closed.
  • ENS needs a way to notify users when domains are about to expire.
  • MolochDAO, DAOStack, Aragon and Colony need a way to notify users when voting periods start or about to end.
  • Upgradability mechanisms need ways to notify users of upcoming upgrades.

Essential goals for the standard:

  • Send notifications to Ethereum addresses
  • Send notifications to Multi-sig wallets
  • Batch send many notifications
  • Allow inclusion of
    • text
    • logo
    • target url (e.g. click to navigate to proposal page)
    • transacion details (e.g. click to interact with a DApp)
  • Spam resistance

Additional goals for the standard:

  • Manage notification preferences
    • Allow/Block senders
    • Allow/Block specific topics from a sender
  • Encryption


Phase 1 (this proposal):
  • Establishment of the standard
Phase 2:
  • Build infrastructure and tools for its easy adoption
    • Docs, smart contract deployment, npm package, website
Phase 3:
  • Wallet integrations
  • MolochDAO integration


  1. Develop ERC, review and discuss with as many ppl from the community as possible.
  2. Finalize ERC and get it accepted by Ethereum Foundation.

Completion Date

Mid-January, 2020

A few weeks to finalize the draft and make sure we share through as many channels as possible, plus I think around a month for the standard discussion.

Token Requested: 20 ETH

About Proposers

We are the team behind ETHWaterloo Wallet Notify hack and we want to keep working on it and make Ethereum push notification happen.

Roman Pavlovskyi - is a full-stack JS developer who also worked as a technical writer on making SecurEth smart contract development guidelines that were promoted as a development standard for the Ethereum community.

Amsul Naeem - is a front-end developer and designer working at Nash exchange and a teacher of React and Blockchain courses at George Brown University.

Igor Markelov - is a data scientist, AI developer, and crypto enthusiast.

Rustam Kovhaev - is a Linux kernel developer and crypto enthusiast with extensive knowledge of open source software development community landscape and practices.