DAOhaus Sustainability

DAOhaus as example of a sustainable, open-source DAO


  • DAOhaus is a DAO launchpad for magic internet communities
  • Conducting an Initial DAO Offering to seed key contributors in a distributed fashion
  • Establishing a blueprint for grassroots funding through the transparent, intentional distribution of a native token - HAUS
  • Unlocking paid DAO-plugins called Boosts
  • Redefining sustainability by testing distributed project management and new forms of monetization via an Open Boost Store

DAOhaus stands on the shoulders of Molochian giants. What started as a single DAO interface for MetaCartel’s original Moloch clone has grown into an open-source ecosystem.

DAOhaus offers a no-code platform for launching Moloch DAOs with value-added features such as custom themes, advanced Minion interoperability, and many others “Boosts”.


In order for the product to keep pace with user demand, a runway is required to seed real-time value creation. Users need features. Product needs capital to build those features. Investors need ROI on seed capital.

These features - called Boosts - will be monetized and shared with a DAO focused on injecting maximum value creation into the product for its users.

What emerges is a feedback loop in which there are no dictators, with upside shared proportionally among all participants in an ownership economy.

Benefits of this Grant

Through this collaborative effort, we will solidify a simple path for open-source projects to DAOify and become sustainable. This grant will give us the capital needed to document and kickstart our Initial DAO Offering (IDO), sharing insights with MetaCartel members and Dapps to come.

Progress + Next Steps:

Every Monday for the past 5 weeks, key contributors (listed below) have come together for War Camp workshops to iterate on and finalize the framework for the DAOhaus IDO. This has lead to:

  • Formation of different community buckets (Blacksmiths, Mages, Soothsayers, etc.) and leaders of each
  • Improved DAOhaus functionality and UX
  • Collateral and documentation gleaning insights and feedback
  • Model for token distribution to occur in an entirely distributed fashion using Loot Shares, Minion and HAUS drops.

With this grant, the key team will prioritize the completion and deployment of key elements including but not limited to:

  • Framework for IDO token distributions
  • Refined monetization strategy
  • Programmatic revenue sharing
  • Decentralized product management operations
  • All while using K.I.S.S. mentality (Keep it Simple Stupid)

Who’s Building It?

Underpinning the War Camp are a suite of MetaCartel all-stars including but not limited to:

  • Dekan
  • Sam
  • Ven
  • Pet3r
  • James
  • Cooper
  • Scott
  • Bill
  • Nick
  • JD
  • JY
  • Burrata
    • many more!

Funds Requested

DAOhaus is requesting 10,000 DAI to be allocated among key contributors to seed the execution of the DAOhaus IDO.

In return, DAOhaus will output a detailed reflection to MetaCartel members gleaning insights from this process along with exploring the capacity for DAOs like MetatCartel to earn HAUS for their role in influencing this project.

Closing Thoughts

The premise of creating a cyclical economy in which the users of DAOs capture upside in the platform they use is one of the key elements of what makes web 3 products so powerful.

DAOhaus seeks to always be driven by the community with open-sourced sustainability at heart. We invite any and all those keen to contribute to join the Discord as we shape the future of DAOs through the first of an entirely new wave of grassroots product creation.

If you want to go fast, go alone - if you want to go far, go together!


TL;DR: A DAO that builds DAOs, by and for the community :hot_pepper:


The lot of us mentioned above have been jamming on this multiple times a week for the past month and a half. One sit in on any of the weekly calls and you instantly know this is some real wizardry being crafted.

To me, being the first project to incubate a truly DAO-first token distribution model is one which has endless potential in the wider ecosystem.

Happy to field any questions people have about the process, or help direct those looking to get involved with some areas we could use more help!


That is a lovely TL;DR: :heart: