dApp metrics - Some (live) ideas for what to track

Hey all,

As I mentioned during my Demoday talk yesterday: it’s about time that we start looking at meaningful metrics for various dApps. Not just super high-level stuff, but onboarding funnels, retention and similar product metrics. It’s also way easier to actually look at the metrics and then discuss what makes the most sense to track rather than defining everything in theory upfront. On that note, here are my slides from the demoday: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Gub9eecEQzD0qAsEK8VvKIdZrGZf6etLjzIJAZUFIqI/edit?usp=sharing

(see comment for dashboard links)

I’ll just leave this here for now. Would love to hear what of these metrics young think are useful or not? Also, feel free to fork the queries and apply them to other dApps. Just ping me on TG (@hagaetc) if you need any help with that or want to see decoded data for other smart contracts.

When life continues after Berlin Blockchain Week I’m gonna post some suggestions for what metrics should be tracked for different dApps accompanied with matching SQL queries. After some iterations, we can create, share and follow dashboards with product metrics for different dApps.

Sorry @hagaetc, totally missed this. Beginning to cook something up - will ping you soon on this matter.