'Decentralized web' project


I am very new to your forum and this is my first post.
I an the founder/developer of the ‘Decentralized web’ project.
We are building a decentralized communication and advertising platform. The project has a blockchain instance and a token.
There are 2 types of participants in the ‘Decentralized web’ - Users (part time), and Bridges/nodes (non-stop).
The project is visible on - https://www.decentralized-web.tech

We offer token incentives and rewards for Users who can also run their Bridge/node -

Success of a project depends on marketing and we started a marketing outreach on multiple social networks.
Tech projects are usually boring for the ordinary person.
To make our aim of decentralization become entertaining, we are posting videos on our tiktok channel -

Please feel free to reach out to me, comment or ask questions. While new to your forum I am active on Quora (answering questions), and on Medium/Hackernoon(posting articles).

Best regards,
Paul / ‘Decentralized web’ project.