Discord and Grants Community Engagement

Hello everyone, as we ramp up grants again with the new funding thesis we were able to identify a need in our on-boarding flow.

When new members enter our discord there is no one to greet and guide them towards the resources they need to succeed.

I have been working with @Christina from MolochDAO for 4 months on doing user interviews, story telling, scribe related tasks. I would like to champion her into the MetaCartel with this first role.

The work would entail keeping an eye on Discord to ensure that any grant applications are reposted in the forums, that any introductions are greeted and new joiners feel welcomed to the community, as well as collecting resources that will serve our potential grantees moving forward.

The first 20 hours of work would be compensated via sweat DAO share, after that we can do a review and if we like the results and the engagement we would create a monthly budget of up to 40 hours of Discord engagement for her work.

I’m requesting up to $2000 budget per month from the DAO to fund this work.

As soon as the new grant thesis is published we can enact this role. Feedback is welcome on the tasks, roles that Christina would play as a member/ representative.

Seeking rough consensus to move this proposal forward :pray:t4:


sennd it - i support this

Okay, this sounds fun!

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This is great!

“as well as collecting resources that will serve our potential grantees moving forward.”

^^ yes! I think the stories I’m writing can serve this purpose too.

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Hey @Yalor and team – I’m with a team working to build out a community engagement tool that I think would be a perfect complement to this initiative! I actually came here looking to see if there was a possibility of getting some support/funding. Is there someone/someplace I should follow up with?

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I know this proposals hasn’t been approved, but I would like to do this work. I can guess that budget is an issue, so maybe something much smaller, like 8-12 hours per month. There are some caring and smart people out there and I’d like to help MetaCartel get them going. I’d be happy to throw in a quarterly newsletter in there also. It would just be a community update, like yes we’re still bad ass, and wouldn’t have real strategy or metrics.

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