Educational resources for Dapps & Usability

Thought it would be useful to start a thread on educational / reading / watching materials for Dapp usability, challenges, solutions, trends, ideas, etc.

I know there is a ton out there… So maybe just include your top articles / resources? Once we have a large set of information, we can categorize and clean up to help aspiring dapp-ers find their bearings.

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Sorry if this is a “noob” question but I’d like to make a request for resources on best practices for dapp user onboarding - we see a high churn requiring/using a MetaMask based registration/account creation process so we’re definitely keen to know what others think on this or if this is something others have effectively solved and we’re just not aware of it.

Thanks! :v:

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That’s a big focus for my team. Primarily comes down to the wallet provider and fiat onramp. This is a nice overview of current wallet providers and points to consider:

The key is to create an experience that doesn’t require an extension. We use contracts that allow for this at Abridged:

Feel free to hit up w questions etc :metal:

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amazing stuff! :star_struck:

:beginner: Awesome, I take a look and get back to you with any questions we may have!