Feedback on hackaton project

Hi there, this whole project and community is awesome!! I am @Alexmasmej. As I mentioned in the “introduce yourself thread”, I’m into Web 3.0 and will basically do projects in the space for the next 10 years. Would love to follow you all on twitter!

I did a hackaton project via Gitcoin X Consensys for their media bounty. It was their challenge, although in the future I’m more interested into Web 3 mainstream adoption than this particular use case.



[DISCLAIMER] I didn’t code. I do have a decent understanding of the whole tech stack. I contributed in the product and cryptoeconomics.

Would love your feedback! PS: this was a great hackaton expérience and a great way to spot future projects to fund maybe!

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I wonder how we can initially test this.

I also feel like to truely test TCRs and other incentive mechanisms, we have to initially almost fuzz them / run volume of activity through them - and real news and articles that time to emerge and take off.

I wonder if we could test this with memes. More specifically memes around Chilli etc. it’s low cost to produce and there is an objective ‘truth’ to whether the meme has chilli or not. I also foresee the need to also innovate with the user interface to help users maximally part take in the DAO/TCR.

Might also want to check out district0x’s

Thanks. This sounds like Curation Market initial Medium article, around making market of memes. It’s a TCR that’s not just “in/out”, but trades a continuous market value uses TCR for identification (basically their own HumanityDAO), and a Curation Market for the news. Might be worth exploring

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