Funding a Fix 🧰

Iv’e been slapping the keyboard so hard lately that apparently I broke it :sob: I’m posting here to see if I could apply for funding from the DAO to get my laptop fixed and continue my work on MetaGame, MetaCartel events, etc. It’s about $500 USD to fix what apple cited as liquid damage which happened 1 year ago, worked fine all this time… so I’ll need to get a new HD installed by Apple.

Open to any feedback before I post a request for funding :speaking_head:. Attaching some proofs of the cost and evaluation done by apple service center.

Danke for your consideration.

My ETH address: 0x66b1De0f14a0ce971F7f248415063D44CAF19398


@Yalor Is a legend, this will be the best $500 spent by the cartel, I support this cause :hot_pepper:


Without a doubt, yes. Lets get this guy fixed up.


Can you guys fix my 7,5k USD slippage that I did today then? Or parts of it?

I’m no use to the cartel without a computer, you’re still gonna crush without that 7,500 :grimacing: amirite.

True! Lol it’s 75% of my net worth but I’ll make it back quick hopefully, the cartel helped me enough already :pray:

Due to the wild fluxuations in ETH prices as of late I need to request more shares to get this one closed out.

So requesting 3 more shares to cover the amount at today’s prices of $116

My ETH address: 0x66b1De0f14a0ce971F7f248415063D44CAF19398

Ohhhh is this why you were always using your phone for the calls in the last few weeks?

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Hahaha, yeah. Haven’t had a PC since Denver :joy: