Funding Zuzalu - Pop-up City in Montenegro

A small number of Etherian magicians and longevity enthusiasts, including Vitalik Buterin are building a “pop up city.” This proposal outlines how MetaCartel can support the event with resources (time and funding), to deliver impact for the Ethereum community, and the general growth and funding of public goods to help build “pop up cities”.

Below you will find details for how we might support, grow and build lasting relationships, processes, and support for those looking to stand up pop up cities and fund their shared needs in the future.

See reference post on Gitcoin forums (Zuzalu)

Matching Pool Funding

The Zuzalu team is running a Quadratic Funding round for Zuzalu, and Gitcoin is primary funder of this event. By pledging $100k from our matching pool, they are incentivizing community members to participate and fund Zuzalu’s shared needs and public goods more broadly to support intentional community building.

It is my goal to see MetaCartel pushing forward with experimental projects like this that have the power to effect the broader social and cultural infrastructure we live in. I’m requesting that we support the Zuzalu QF matching pool in this experiment.

Timeline and Duration of Scope

Zuzalu is scheduled to kick off on March 25 and run through May 25 2023. If the DAO agrees to support the grants round, we transfer the matching funds into the donation pool by the end of March.


There are tons of benefits by supporting this event. Below are some of the reasons that stand out to me:

  • Incubating more alternative city state experiments, pushing the concept of Network states to a new dimension.

  • Contributing to a novel and historical event that brings together some of the greatest thinkers in the Ethereum Ecosystem.

  • Increased brand recognition for being at the forefront of social and technological change, that MetaCartel is known for.

  • The chance to support exceptional builders again, Zuzalu is positioned as a two month long hackathon and we will certainly find some amazing projects that we can support out of this partnership as well.


While the benefits list is large, there are a few potential drawbacks i’m cognizant of:

  • The funding is another depletion of our dwindling treasury

  • We don’t have control of the outcomes of the funding

  • This is an experiment, results are not guaranteed.

Proposed Vote

  • Support Zuzalu with $10,000
  • Do not support Zuzalu
  • Abstain from this proposal

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I welcome comments and feedback below, as a caveat i’m hoping to put this proposal on-chain by Monday March 20th, so we can hit the end of the month timeline :spiral_calendar:

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It’s 100K?

Would MC get to have members present?

Are any members already scheduled to participate?

Could we get a retro of learnings to share with the broader MC community?

It’s $10k, yes we can get a retro of the learning and yes I believe some members of MC will be participating but I don’t have an exact count.

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Would this be good / fall under ETHos funding? Very cool idea, but seems like a good event for ETHos to use some of it’s funding on.

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This funding is for a Quadratic Round, not the event itself so no it would not fall under our guidelines. Still waiting on Gitcoin to make a decision about funding the round itself before proceeding here.

After speaking with the organzing team of this QF matching round, I am even more convinced this is a great opportunity to support a novel innovation opportunity and the development of pop-up city’s as a movement.

I have discussed splitting the matching round funds with Gitcoin, and 4 other orgs, if anyone else has an org they would like to propose to join at the $10k tier please ping me, we’re hoping to hit $50k soon ; )

Proposal is now on-chain :metal:t4: DAOhaus

Sounds awesome, I support that the funding will go to the projects coming out of the event, not the event itself.
Can we have an explanation why this goes to suisse.yalor.eth and not to a QF pool? Can we wait until the pool is setup and send directly to that? would be a lot more DAO-y. Then its a yes from me!

Appreciate the support :raised_hands:t4: about the method, the funds need to be bridged from Gnosis to Mainnet, they also need to be swapped from wETH to stable coins, that’s a whole lot harder to accomplish with current tools unfortunately and a lot more coordination.

My default is to go out of pocket for the cost and do all the swapping with a safe I use for my Gitcoin delegation stuff, that’s the suisse acct :switzerland:

I know it’s not the most trustless, but IMO it’s not how we do it that matters it’s what we do :money_mouth_face:

Will post all the transaction ID’s here for full transparency though :saluting_face: