Global Governance Gathering 2 - The Elements of Governance

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The first edition

In Amsterdam, we learned that DAOs doing together is a win. During two days, we manifested intentional coordination between DAOs and their DAOists, and shared the results via panels and talks.

The un-conference style was incredibly well received - it has become clear that DAOists value time together in a laid back mix of intentional conversation, productive hacking, salon style debates and exploring sensations together, from art to matcha, to dancing and singing. (DAO Karaoke is now a total thing).

But we also realized that NO structure on the ‘unconference side’ lends itself to rigor-less confusion that oftentimes doesn’t respect the rare magic that is getting the world’s expert DAOists in a room, together.

The Global Governance Gathering 2 brings the “Elemental Arena” into play:

It takes the learnings from the GGG1, DAOcamp, DAO Palace and other intentional and exclusive groupings, and unfolds into a novel, replicable framework that allows all people, of all specialties and levels of expertise, to cooperate without having to step too far out of their comfort zones or areas of interest, all the time.

Perhaps most importantly: It allows people from different bias-sets and ideologies to put their hands, hearts and minds together and grow through the membrane of their intellectual bubbles, outwards, hosting up to 140 people at once.

We’d like to premiere the Elemental Arena alongside DevConnect, November in Istanbul. (Depending on community interest we will host a 1 to 3 day event - 14th, 15th, 16th - TBC) close to the coworking space.

The DAOist’s North Star and the Problem:

This experimental design emerged after a long reflection on what would be the pillars that make The DAOist’s approach unique and how to double down on it.

1- Creation (pave the way for what’s next)

2- Discipline (practice focused, ask every question, learn by doing)

3- Wholeness (Neutral, embracing all manifestations, seeking to neutralise bias)

4- Complexity (you can’t shortcut a seed into a flower - living systems need to be nurtured through each of their stages)

DAOs traverse a sweet and sour age. There’s never been so many developed experiments and tooling. Engagement data show exponential acceleration. But, as experience accumulates some of our most hopeful ideas lose their sheen in the face of facts.

Social exploits, deflated governance processes, raided treasuries and many other failure modes have been teaching lessons.

While many will take to their shitposting platform of choice to declare the death of this or that, for the experienced governerd it’s clear that these are blessings in disguise. The Global Governance Gathering wants to be where we perform the alchemy of rising from our failures into coordination gold.


Conversations that begin at the entrance evolve into collaborators huddling around a table, with laptops, pens and sticky notes. People can come and go from these impromptu sessions, depending on who’s inspired in the moment. Insight doesn’t need to be lost in a notes app; it can begin to take form.

Participants, speakers, facilitators, attendees and sponsors have the tools, time and space to converge on ideas and challenges, problems and solutions, and creativity and hacking.

Sponsors don’t only associate their brands with the event, they invite the participants, often experts of many fields, to engage and take hard stabs at their issues together with their teams. Community offered sessions can tackle macro, inter-ecosystem issues, or laser focus on learning more about issues pertaining to one community or specific technologies.

All is capped off by talks from some of the most learned and inspiring speakers throughout the ecosystem. Sessions get captured on takeaway sheets.

Participants will receive the greatest benefit, having access to each other, in a space conducive to sharing, collaborating and building.

If performed, the Elemental Arena will see DAOs be summoned, projects will be hacked on, and teams will be formed around solutions for the future of human coordination and put out in the world a framework that can be replicated anywhere, by anyone.


The current vision for the Global Governance Gathering 2 is to provide a refuge for DAO-folk spanning 3 days, each with its own purpose and character.

Day One: Culture / Empathy - Facilitated un-conference sessions curated from the community or from sponsored sessions

Day Two: Power / Limits - Facilitated un-conference sessions curated from the community or from sponsored sessions

Day Three: Talks, Panels, Reflection and Sharing

First 2 days: Schedule will be light, sessions will be well supported (meaning less “things” more carefully designed, then usual “use my product” workshops) according to the following suggested framework:

The themes brought to fore will be reflected/acted upon in 5 “directions,” which we currently divide using a handy elemental metaphor:

  • Fire: Conceptual, Strategic aspects
  • Water: Relational, Emotional aspects
  • Air: Technical, Linguistic, knowledge aspects
  • Earth: Execution, Implementation, tactical aspects
  • Quintessence Governance, Systems thinking, complexity related aspects

These will be reflected on the physical space itself as dedicated areas to discuss/develop/work each set of aspects of the problem at hand. Allowing participants to flow, float or dart according to how their intuitions, epiphanies or curiosities. In each area, they’d find others whose moment is aligned and the tools, set and setting to dive, until compelled to move on.

Each island holds up to 4 groups of 7 in break out session mode and come together for plenary format.

(schedule a call with us for a in depth explanation of this design intuition: Calendly - The DAOist)

The “elemental arena” will be surrounded by unstructured social space and relaxation areas.

DAOplomats will be provided with the comfort of getting to know each other and creating together. DAOs can use this time to expand their network, knowledge and deepen relationships.

The last day will be dedicated to talks and panels sharing on the experiences had in a more traditional conference format, as we did at the first GGG.

This design hopes to account for, and engage those, who are enthralled by developing the codified rules and role structures of DAOs. Innovating or advancing the contract and interface side of governance and making technical progresses in identity, privacy, custody, NFTs etc.

All the while remaining inviting to those who focus their developments on operational, cultural, tactical issues of the quotidian lives of their DAOs and communities. It also invites contributions from those who are concerned with emergent social dynamics and the threads of relational fabric of the space. Not only within, but also between and around organizations.

Spaces like this might prove invaluable to facilitate the enlace of all of these pursuits into ever more usable governance games. We believe that we are seeing the rise of programmatic organizations that mix education, work and entertainment where “choose your own adventure” style experiences will become rewarding life choices. Social experiences will be more efficiently “protocolised” and engagement will reflect ownership - allowing the cream to rise.

And better yet: The tech is finally here. Now it’s a matter of distribution and story.

We believe that MetaCartel is more than ideal to help us anchor some support to what is an untested social technology hackathon structure that could become a game changer.

The aim is to have it act as a scaffold that can bend and mould to serve a myriad of purposes. The vision has coalesced from attending DAO camp, DAO Palace style events and learning empirically the booms and faults of different models.

In modulating between institutional and extitutional approaches, we aim to create allowance for emergence while increasing all practitioner’s experience level, widening their networks, strengthening mindsets and possibly saving unaccountable hours of reinventing wheels.

Nature does not make leaps - we’ve been led to believe that this approach is crucial for supported and intentional speciation of the decentralized governance landscape.

Please allow us to focus on developing DAOs, over becoming fantastic salespeople, advancing marketing funnels.



Our events have had over 2500 attendees on their 6 editions, while remaining niche, with extremely high context and always keeping noise to signal very high. Even having what could be called “the most naive growth strategy in history” - Meaning: We’ve never tried to grow - we managed to sustain a healthy audience, received sponsorships from over 100 crypto organisations, totalling a volume of over 1.2M usd in funds, 100% used to further education and social fabric of the DAO space.

The most recent events include:

Global Governance Gathering at Devconnect 2022

The DAOist Bogota at DevCon 2023

The DAOist Paris 2023 at EthCC 2023


Event design and fundraising in progress, and venue to be secured soon. Organizations and communities signaling being collected; it’s been positive and validating. For more details, or to request sponsors’ packages, please reach out to GGG2 organizers.


The DAOist events balance traditional structures and integrate new ideas. The GGG being where we aim to take the largest risks.

Novel technologies converge at The DAOist events. For example, please see a retrospective on one collaboration during the first Global Governance Gathering, where leaders from MakerDAO, Yearn Finance, Radicle and more uncovered similarities in the challenges each of their DAOs face. The DAOist GGG22: DAO Governance Design Jam — The DAOist

The second Global Governance Gathering will integrate Extitutional Theory in its event design. This novel way of organizing provides supportive unstructured space, instead of defining every moment. For more information on Extitutional Theory, please see

Grant Requests

Signal your favorites with emojis!

:tickets: Curate 6 tickets 1.6 WETH

:rainbow: Panel Curation and Design 3.6 WETH

:baby:t5: Workshop on the Lifecycle of DAOs 7.8 WETH

A 15% discount has been applied.


Design, curate and facilitate a session on the Lifecycle of DAOs at GGG2, activating all the Islands and making it one of the core sessions of the event.

Design, curate and moderate a panel on a topic of the DAO’s choosing.

And, please participate throughout the event, by taking advantage of the guaranteed tickets.

Additional Resources

Community members are invited to come codesign. Website for registration will be completed soon.

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Yo Cartelians! Thanks to those who reached out to talk about the Proposals.

Finally - I managed to nail down all the main assets for the Global Governance Gathering and applications are open. And here’s a much more friendly 2 minute trailer.

This is a totally new event design trying to implement learnings from many directions. It is designed to deliver a very high context experience for each individual without having to standardise what “high context” is for everyone. It’s a “do less, better, with those who care more approach” - moving away “funding asks” from the frame of “brand placement” towards actually creating conditions for game changing interaction that moves aspects of the social process of the DAOs forward.

The method sets a landscape of excited proposers receiving the attendees to engage directly on actionable aspects of any issue. I’ll share 3 ideas on how a session for MetaCartel can be used - One 0 setup, One designed and focused, the other open ended and multi-directional.

Let’s look at the proposals:

Panel Curation and Design:

Panels have long been the coolest part of The DAOist. 1h30m long debates with highly focused moderation that have constantly yielded some unforgettable moments, insightful, hilarious or drama full that had more impact than expected - and were never beholden to the usual monotonous “mini presentations” style that seems to reign supreme.

Here are some memories of mine of dope impactful panels:

A panel discussion that led a participant to denounce misuse of funds from a DAO that was suppose to support minorities

James Waugh being a memelord and moderating the head of product for world coin

Another one where I go a little crazy telling everyone about Faust, and we all learn a lot from Josh Tan

A fantastic discussion about functioning DAOs where the audience totally breaks the 4th wall - well mostly Sky.

A never before seen level of candidness amongst a very badass selection of experienced hyper-delegates. … Fun times.

Ideas for a MetaCartel panels:

“Down Bad: Rant away, but don’t lose an eye: The return of the NERF panel”

“Bullshit or Not? Destroying dreams to save lives - The counter-intuitive things about DAOs”

“Alpha-Chilis: What’s changed in making it in the crypto space since MetaCartel was summoned? Navigational advice for and from obsessive builders”

“Stacked: Where’s this all going and what are we doing about it? Not financial advice”

“Rolf: You’re just lucky to get to talk to Rolf for 1h30m, enjoy.”

Elemental Arena Session:

Here’s where we get a real chance to move something forward for the DAO. It can be completely exclusive for DAO Members + Invites.

The GGG will basically be open to everyone that survives basic curation - no tickets to purchase - but the sponsored sessions will be curated by the proposers.

We can figure out who’s coming and I’d be down to propose a design myself for us to work on MC itself, like a productive version of the Town Hall where we flow from small work groups that self organise to large sharing discussion - low setup and just us having fun together OR:

Here’s 2 very different directions of more ambitious designs:

“Life-cycle of DAOs”:
I annoy Sky for us to execute a prototyping session on a “Life-cycle of DAOs” Framework and we can work from the concept to the execution as a group and put out the result as a thought leadership piece / process to help DAOs going through raider type situations.

Even if unfinished this might setup a very interesting inter-DAO process that could loop in very cool invitees from metagov, metacred, daoesco etc.

“Grants, bruh:”
Just move the goddamn grants pipeline, look at pod results, share best practices - we could even spend one movement focused inwards and the rest of the time receiving and assisting possible grantees, learning more about our process meanwhile - if this is still something we care about as a DAO.

In the end of the day, these are just good excuses for many of us to get together, with tools and method to do some hot DAO shit - and nothing would make me happier.

All access passes:

All access passes can only be gifted in these batches of 8 and they trump all curation - so if you think someone should be let loose with no limits to go play and poke all the pies, this is a cool one to pic.

Last thoughts:
Trying to do some actual Innovation here - and everyone is welcome to co-design. Thanks for the attention and I hope this brings some winds of excitement to the DAO if nothing else!

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Hey Everyone! Finished up the explainers for the GGG and now everything is in place! Lemme know if these help make the vision for the new format of the GGG crystal clear:

1 - This is the event trailer for all attendees

2 - Watch the sponsor’s guide video

3 - Feel free to Schedule a call or…

4 - Make your applications here:

Dates are 18th if one day, 17th as the second, 19th as the added third day.

And please give all the feedback that comes up!

Sorry gang, absolutely no feedback here from anyone besides the proposal creators is not a good sign…

Sure events are cool and all, but giving $20,000 to support one event is way out of the normal grant size for MC, I cannot support any of these props currently.

I’d totally welcome a smaller check size, such as the ones we’ve been giving from ETHos, would be glad to see a proposal land over there :point_right: ETHos | ( that is why we created the pod after all )

Anyway, that’s my 2 GWEI