Grant NOVA Miningverse - The first Play to mine backed by Real Bitcoin mining (Stacks blockchain)

Despite of current market situation, we keep building. We are currently raising funds for our project! Below you can find a summary of our project:

The Miningverse is a universe of games built on the Stacks Blockchain and backed by Bitcoin Mining. We are building a 10Mw-capacity mining facility in Georgia, thanks to the help of the Prince of Georgia, a co-founder and backer of our project.

We are gamifying mining using the Play-To-Mine slogan by allowing players to participate in regular tournaments and other competitions with Bitcoin prize pools mined at our own facilities.

The Nova token is the key to entering all competitions, tournaments, and purchasing NFTs, such as weapons, characters, and more, while the Bitcoin mined will be utilized for the rewards.

At first, players will also be able to earn Nova tokens, however, the long-term vision of the project is to fully transition into Bitcoin-rewards only and push the demand for the Nova Token.

Teaser Trailer: Nova Miningverse Teaser - YouTube
Gameplay, Pitch Deck and One Pager can be found in our website!

Token Use Cases:
– Purchase of NFTs
– Lootboxes
– Minting NFT Characters
– Tickets for Bitcoin tournaments
– Manage the treasury of the DeFi project
– Manage and distribute (salary, marketing, etc.) capital in any organization on the blockchain
– Invest in DeFi with shared assets
– Buy NFTs and collectively participate in GameFi
– Carry out charitable activities
– Participate jointly in allocations, IDO, Launchpad
– and much more!