Grant Proposal - Collab.Land Zodiac Bot Module for Discord Enabled Governance

Collab.Land Zodiac Bot Module for Discord Enabled Governance


Provide RaidGuild with a grant to build out a Collab.Land Zodiac bot module that can plug-into Collab.Land enabled discord governance and automatically execute transactions via a Gnosis Safe.

The MVP will be deployed in Talent DAO, who is working at the frontier of Decentralized Science (DeSci).

Talent DAO is looking to experiment with reputation-weighted voting utilizing the CL Zodiac bot module developed by RaidGuild (in conjunction with Snapshot), and following this implementation, Talent DAO is looking to support the standardization of this use case, packaging it up so other communities can leverage battle hardened community governance tools.

Talent DAO seeks to achieve adoption of this model through driving research, development, and documentation around this use case.


Organizations participating in discord based governance have no mechanism for securely automating transaction exeuction over a shared Gnosis Safe.


Deploy a Collab.Land Zodiac bot module that can automatically execute transactions in any multisig the module is added to, based on off-chain governance taking place in Discord.

Product & Significance

*Any tokenized-community utilizing Collab.Land in their discord server and armed with CL governance (& eventually Snapshot) will be able to safely add the CL Zodiac bot module and securely execute transactions through a gnosis safe on-chain.

Why Collab.Land Zodiac bot module? & not bot controlled EOA that can move funds based on discord governance?

  • Future extendability of Safe
  • Better Security (veto power / grace-period)
  • Upgradability into a Moloch v3 & CL bot controlled Shaman


We are at the very start of being able to meaningfully issue and track reputation using CL generated Verifiable Credentials within communities that participate in discord based governance.

Following MCON2, organizations are calling out for Collab.Land’s snappy & convenient reputation gated governance.

Taking the PoC we developed for MCON a step further, we would like to provide communities participating in discord based governance the optionality to execute transactions on a shared gnosis safe, via the CL Zodiac bot module.



This will provide projects and communities more optionality over the type of governance patterns they have available to use.

The Collab.Land Zodiac bot module is comprable to how Snapshot enables community off-chain signalling and on-chain execution through the Reality.eth module.

Next :soon: Collaboration

Collab.Land is looking to pursue an integration with Snapshot, so that communities could leverage both governance tools in tandem, such that snapshot or discord based governance can execute in parallel.

Verfiable Credentials will be issued to active participants on a proposal through each of the following events:

  • Proposal-create
  • Upvote/Downvote
  • Proposal Result

We are looking to make VCreds available through Snapshot so communities can have better tools for tracking high-context voting & provision reputation across active members of their community.


Grant Request Amount: $10k
  • RaidGuild: Kyle Stargarden, Mantis Clone
  • Talent DAO: Saulthorin
  • Collab.Land: Penguin, Bau

What Funds will be used for?

tags: Collab.Land, RaidGuild, Talent DAO, Gnosis Zodiac
author: Bau
date: 2022-09-24
category: Grant Application

Looks super cool. Let’s get you guys in to present at townhall

What is Talent DAO ?

I couldn’t say it better myself so I will link out to their project here -

Feel free to also check out their discord! talentDAO

Seems like a cool experiment but I would need a bit more info on who will maintain it before I would support this. If collab land says they will definitely maintain if it has users I would vote yes.


Posting this here for better visibility!