Grant Proposal: DAO Palace 2023, Incubating the future of DAOs and stewarding Cultural Heritage Sites


DAO Palace 2023, Incubating the future of DAOs and stewarding Cultural Heritage Sites


Some of the most brilliant contributors to public goods projects surrounding DAOs will be collaborating, sharing, experimenting and building at DAO Palace 2023, this June.

Projects like Public Nouns, Family DAO and Constitutions of Web3 were incubated or launched at DAO Palace 2022, all of which are supporting open source commons and public goods.

Participation in DAO Palace 2023 is open, collaborative and curated in a decentralized manner, balancing inclusivity and exclusivity.

MetaCartel is invited to share an integral role in DAO Palace 2023, as a Villa sponsor. Could a Chili Renaissance emerge this year?


Where Great Minds Collide, Synergies Bloom

We believe that the most powerful human synergies occur naturally. They are not engineered, but facilitated; they spring forth from the ether, as intangible thoughts often do.

Natural connections are what constitute the core fiber of human existence. They allow for the natural flow of events to produce powerful results, although these occurrences are too rare and often fleeting……

Human history is a collection of accidental encounters and the resulting creation that ensued. They are not always scientific, nor necessarily data driven, but if anything the result of multiple individuals unified by a common thought. This process of bringing people together in a place, united by a shared mission, ensures that the natural flow of personal relationships occurs.

Right place, Right time, Right People.

By allowing these synergies to happen, we commit to following our intuition, which means not building cumbersome agendas, complicated structures, or rigid frameworks - we focus on clarifying a unified cause, staying curious and open to individual viewpoints, then letting the flow of connections lead us down the best path of creation.

Our Commitment to The Community

  • We are open and energetic. We have a deep desire to play a part in achieving the shared vision.

  • We operate from a place of respect and integrity. We honor diversity and seek to discover commonality among our members.

  • We strive to empower people with ideas, visions, and expertise, while providing space for our attendees to reach deep into their minds and forge better models together.

  • We exist to disrupt the status quo and to manifest positive solutions for society.

Our belief is that long term value is built on the back of synergies, reliant on the great minds and hearts that come together to deliberate, build, and deploy solutions for the future that collectively push society forward.

These are our core beliefs, the bedrock upon which our community is founded and the tool that we use to shape the world we envision.


Organizations experimenting around DAOs often get siloed, or clustered, preventing diverse experience and knowledge to increase the speed of evolution. It’s challenging to bring many aspects of DAO innovation together in one place. We need a way to learn from each other and grow.


Curate DAO researchers, practitioners, builders and coordinators from academics to hackers, across east and west, as participants in an immersive 10 day incubation residency.


What could you accomplish? What could you uncover, discover, evolve, create or build?


  • You shared space, sleeping, working, eating, larping, stargazing, fire tending and whiteboard-ing,
  • With just the right amount of people to bring some diversity, but not overwhelm,
  • Who all are working to solve similar, if not the same, issues that humanity is challenged with and that you are most interested in.

Sponsors also receive the benefits of having an integral role in an experience that has demonstrated innovation and production. These benefits include, space to participate in the residency and bring discussion topics for others to contribute their perspective to, opportunity to recommend other participants, priority in participating in next year’s residency, marketing placements and access to alumni projects.


The projects listed below have emerged as inspiration from, or in collaboration with, individual’s experience during DAO Palace 2022. Nothing here is proprietary; it’s all free and open.

  1. Glitch2 - a two-week NFT/metaverse research-focused residency at an 18th-century chateau in France. About 30-40 participants attended to create, imagine, develop theories, and build projects and standards aimed at supporting a new ecosystem of open creativity and digital abundance in the metaverse.
  2. The DAO Book - a book that will help generate a framework for thinking about trad org and DAOs is in the writing stage.
  3. DAO East West - biweekly meetings between US and Asia DAO friends to bridge communication across time zones and an ocean.
  4. Family DAO - a membership organization that offers grants to support families in Web3. It started with weekly meetings with DAO friends discussing and working on things like childcare at events and how to do beneficiaries in crypto.
  5. Constitutions of Web3 - a collection of DAO constitutions and a template for DAOs to help create their own constitution.
  6. Public Nouns - a Nouns fork that is focused on raising funds supporting public goods projects and initiatives.
  7. gm bus - The gm bus’s mission is to evolve the crypto narrative by visiting people IRL around the world. The bus has already visited multiple events and locations across the US.
  8. Nonce<>Raid Guild hack - hackers from South Korea, USA and Europe are gathering at EthDenver to collaborate, build connections and win prizes.
  9. EIP-4824 - From the Metagov team, EIP-4824 is an API standard for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), focused on relating on-chain and off-chain representations of membership and proposals.
  10. Validator Commons - a global cryptopolitical party of validators and allies, with the intention of improving proof of stake governance by aligning values
  11. Extitution podcast - a podcast with Primavera De Filipi about some of the biggest questions facing crypto in regards to the law, her work on Extitutional Theory, and whether code is law.
  12. DAO or Never in the Treehouse - participants’ reflections about their experience at DAOPalace, hosted by Logos DAO.
  13. Collectives, modular NFTs - ERC-721M are modular NFTs that can evolve as a community evolves
  14. DAOcember - During the virtual two-week event, DAOhaus hosted many participants of DAOPalace, who shared their expertise ranging from algorithms in governance to a speculative future without coordination failure.
  15. ESP - a way to vote with a weighted measure of signal over time. Using this mechanism in governance can significantly reduce the polarities that emerge from 1 person - 1 vote mechanisms.


Alumni from DAO Palace 2022 have signaled who will be participating in this year’s event. Applicants have been voted on via Joke DAO and winners included in community calls.

Some of the organizations that DAO Palace 2023 participants come from are DAODAO, Memento, DAOStar, Metagov, Protocol Labs, Deep DAO, COALA, Duingud, dOrg, MetaCartel, Raid Guild, DAOhaus, Mainstream Labs, Borderless, Gatherings, Xorg, Syndicate, HanDAO, DAO Llama Labs AG, Family DAO, Public Nouns, MetaGammaDelta, DAO East West, Spork DAO, Upe, Mantle and more.


Because the event is free to participants, DAO Palace is able to bring together the brightest minds to collaborate, experiment, build and share.

DAO Palace participants build in the open, so that iterative evolutions can happen faster. When we are all together in a physical space, this intended evolution is exponential, because learnings and experiences are combined and integrated in ways that could not be prescribed, especially from the proprietary perspective that encourages building in parallel, which is slow and often detrimental, wasting time and resources.

DAO Palace is supporting the public goods that the participants support, which is not only what they support today, but also what they will support in the future.


Donatus zu Schaumburg Lippe, Primavera De Filippi, Ooli De Villèle, Anastasia Analova, V4N, Sky Minert and BorrowLucid bring expertise from accessibility in blockchain solutions, blockchain and law, bridging physical and digital, business development and growth strategy, DAO2DAO relations and DAO governance and operations.

Grant Request $5,000

These funds go towards minimizing the cost for participants, including accommodations, high speed internet and meals. This helps to ensure the right minds are able to be present, regardless of their capital holdings, which helps to improve the balance of diversity.


Tier 3: Villa

USD 5,000 tax deductible sponsorship

  • 1 participant spot
  • 3 nominations from other organizations
  • Feature in social media posts and newsletter
  • Logo placement on website
  • Discount for a future event at the castle
  • DAOESCO membership for participants
  • Access to alumni projects
  • Priority sign up for future events


Your sponsorship participant spot is still waiting to be filled. During the event we would like the participation of all MetaCartel members present to bring our minds and hearts together for a potential renaissance for the DAO🌶

Additional Resources

Sponsorship Deck

DAO Palace, by Mothertree Productions

DAO Palace 2022 participants


Proposal for MetaCartel to support DAO Palace 2023 and also become a key member of the DAOESCO ecosystem.

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