Grant Proposal: Dippii - Mint NFTs in one click for free. No Crypto or Wallet required

Project Name

Dippii - dippii. com


Dippii is a platform that generates NFTs in one click for free. No crypto or wallet required. The idea is to bring non-native crypto user to web3.


The purpose of our platform is to become the go to mint solution for creators to generate their NFTs.


Our platform is solving the following issues:

Cumbersome onboarding:
Buying crypto can be a daunting task, from opening an account in an exchange to creating, transferring and connecting a wallet.

Rug pulls and fake collections:
NFTs scams are everywhere. More than 80% of OpenSea collections are fraudulent.

Collection Discovery:
One of the biggest challenges of NFTs enthusiasts is where and how to find attractive collections.


One click minting
Generate a custodial wallet with the users email and password subsequently they can upload an NFT for free.

Secure and unexploitable collections

  • Robust randomness in metadata
  • Sequential bidding and clearing (e.g raffles and batched auctions)
  • Secured funds with escrow wallets

Collection Discovery
Create a discovery page that mimics social media feeds to make it easier for users to check new collections


You can download the app here:


We were actually doing a platform for creators, we decided to launch an NFT feature and our sign up list grew 300% so we decided to focus our energy in minting NFTs in one click.


We’ve launched our MVP. We will be generating custodial wallets in one click so users can hold their minted NFTs


Most web3 platforms assume user have wallets. We are taking that assumption out of our heads and giving a web2 UI with a web3 backend so anyone can enjoy the benefits of web3.


Doris Hernandez - Founder ( Developer and PM - built more that 50 apps in different sectors, most recently help create the largest marketplace (uber + doordash) from Honduras.
Jaime Fonseca - Lead web3 dev. Hacker at heart.
Felipe Flores - Mathematician and quantum physics lover.

Grant Request $



Yes! We need to grow our community! We are good at coding not so good with community, how can we do this?