Grant Proposal: Hedgefox

Hi everyone! I hope this is the right category to be placing this in. I realize everyone’s time is very valuable so I will keep this brief and to the point.

My small team and I are seeking some grant money to continue building our informal, social learning app called Hedgefox.

About Hedgefox
Hedgefox is a social, learn-to-earn app aiming to decentralize academia while rewarding users with crypto tokens and NFT certificates. The app relies on completion rates of micro courses to control the supply of the the reward token, HFOX. When a user begins a credential, tokens are bought from the market and burned. When they complete the credential, tokens are minted and sent to the users wallet. Additionally, when a user completes a credential, they are sent a non-transferrable NFT certificate that can be staked to earn a portion of all completion rewards.

We believe the best learning occurs when learners are self-directed, in community with others, and engage with high-quality content tailored to their interests. To that end, our app is a mobile-first app, aimed at creating a robust ecosystem of content that appeals to all who desire to learn - especially non-crypto natives.

Our team is a small, but experienced group of 3. I come from higher education where I taught Instructional Design and Media Production for 5 years as well as started a Makerspace at the university and worked as a developer on the side. We have Thomas who is a content design specialist and business economics lead helping us market and create traction in all sorts of contexts. Then we have Linus who is a trader and skilled developer helping with some heavy lifting on development side while I sort out funding and legal priorities.

Obviously I’m just scratching the surface here so we’d love for MetaCartel DAO members to check out our current whitepaper, website, and socials to see if providing funding is a good fit. We’ve received support already from PolygonDAO and the Vela Education Fund - we’d love to have support from MetaCartel as we definitely love the ethos here!

Thank you for reading and for your consideration!

Patrick Ford
Twitter: @_ptford

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