Grant proposal: interesting property in the 🇬🇧 in need of regeneration

20th September 2023 auction:

Wiki page:

Not far away from London

Desired purpose (loads of option)

Events. Parties. Hotel. Hackerspace…

Including marine aquaculture, growing food in the ocean, climate change adaptation.

Pretty cool project… Maybe you know someone?

It has a massive value, they are not making things like this anymore…

STEP 1: buy the thing

STEP 2: marketing, tokenisation, RWA (real world assets), this thing can easily generate $1m worth of media impressions across the internet. You can see it as “marketing expense”.

Why posting on Metacartel Forum?

I went to in Croatia and spoke with someone from the Metacartel:

we fund thing noone else can fund

Of course this is opportunistic, not much time to do due-dillegence, sometimes you need to trust your intuition and gut feeling: “yeah it looks pretty cool and we can pull it off”