[Grant Proposal] ThePlaza - a micro blogging platform login with ENS


ThePlaza is a Twitter login with ENS.


Water3 team is committed to building a Web3 social platform, where account ownership and data belong to users.


Social media is a gold mine for scammers. Since 2021, more than 46,000 people have reported losing over $1 billion in crypto to scams and crypto makes it attractive to scammers.

There are many Twitter accounts claiming the “vitalik.eth” on Twitter, but Twitter Blue still cannot fix it. Behind the scene of “Not giving away ETH”, there are victims of the social media scam.


We move a step forward to the open Internet. We will not say “Don’t be evil”, and keep detecting and blocking these kinds of scams. Instead, we move to “Can’t be evil”, trusting “good users” is replaced by cryptographic ownership of digital assets and mathematical proofs of security, secured by ENS.

ThePlaza, Twitter login with ENS, has two advantages:

  • Reduce Scam: Our product is secured by ENS account and verified on-chain: This will also eliminate impersonation and reduce spam.
  • ENS profile verification: we connect web3 identities in social networks, the real ENS identities. A lot of ENS users are looking for verification ENS on Twitter. CryptoPlaza will help connect real ENS holders. ENS is not just a display name, it will be verified in more DAPPs.


The crypto Twitter includes the following core functions:

  • ENS login (verified on Ethereum Mainnet)
  • Plaza: explore content of ENS user
  • tweet (off-chain for v1.0)
  • social function: follow, like, comment
  • user profile: (next step support NFTs)


We solicited some feedback in the ENS DAO and released the beta version on Twitter to attract early adopters.


The core function has been developed. In beta.

Welcome to try our products. https://cryptoplaza.app/welcome


Users log in with their identities on the blockchain and have complete account ownership, preventing impersonation.


Freedom means we are free to choose. And we will develop decentralized applications to give users more options. Water3 is a project team of volunteer buidlers. We are committed to developing Web3 applications, and we are ENS users.

Grant Request $


We won Small grants from ENS.

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!