Grant Request: Multi-[feature, chain] NFT Marketplace - YUUGEN


Yuugen is the multi-[feature, chain] NFT marketplace that aims to become the most featured leading NFT Marketplace platform in Multi-chain ecosystems that combines usability with its rich features and user experience.

Currently, Yuugen is deployed in Testnet on Harmony blockchain. Yuugen brings additional ecosystems to support other chains as well as Harmony. The first integration to our dApp is the EVM-compatible Polygon chain. After that, other chains such as Avalanche will be implemented.

You can see Yuugen in here:
Note that it is being developed right now.

Yuugen supports these deliverables,

  • Multiple edition NFTs, creators can choose whether to set a fixed
    sale price, conduct a timed auction, or enable offerable pricing for
    their assets.

  • Unique user profiles with rich UX, users can track their own
    activity, get notifications, and can be easily connected with their
    favorite artists through personalized feeds.

  • With ERC-1155, collections are supported and promoted through the
    platform with its usability features such as defined rarities for each
    asset, collection batch uploading, and importing from other platforms.

  • Rich Explore section allows users to discover new artists, top NFT assets, or collections.

  • Multi-chain and multi-wallet support.

  • Asset verification mechanism to stop malicious users to create or sell assets.


Q2 ( April, May, June)

  • ERC-721, ERC-1155 Support

  • Multi-chain Support ( Aurora, Harmony, Polygon, etc.)

  • NFT Asset Collection Support (Rarity, Collection Stats, Batch Uploading/Importing)

  • Unique User Profile Page

  • Multiple NFT Editions (Fixed-price, Offer, Auction)

  • Rich Explore Section (Trending & Top assets/artists)

  • Activity & Notifications

  • Asset Royalty

  • Detailed Filter & Search

Q3 (July, August, September)

  • Personalized Feeds

  • Multi-wallet Support

  • Yuulaunch - Collection Launchpad

  • Yuugen DAO - DAO for Supporting Creators

Q4 (October, November, December)

  • Yuuverse - VR Gallery

  • Fractional Assets

How it is different?

We would like to tell you about three features that distinguish Yuugen from other NFT platforms.


The collections that are formed from algorithmically generated unique digital collectibles from a set of attributes require an easy-to-use interface to mint assets. Well, not every collection creator will create such a unique interface for the users. Besides the web interface, smart contract development is a requirement too. Also, the minted asset will need a marketplace to be listed or selling purpose. All these requirements will be a burden on non-developer collection creators.

Yuulaunch aims to find a solution to this problem. Yuulaunch is an integrated platform to the Yuugen that facilitates asset minting in collections for the creators. Minted assets will be automatically added to the Yuugen user profile for listing or selling purposes. Thus, even technically incompetent collection creators will be able to use Yuugen in a simple way.


We want the digital assets produced by the artists to be exhibited in a 3D gallery. The Yuuverse meta platform integrated into the Yuugen NFT marketplace invites users to a unique digital experience. Users will have an unforgettable experience on this platform where the unique works of artists will be exhibited. The details will be announced at the start of Q4.

Yuugen DAO

Yuugen has the idea of becoming the bridge between creative artists and enthusiasts through its useful and decentralized DAO program. We believe DAOs will revolutionize the future of work. By creating different concepts in the DAO program, we will gladly support the dissemination of art to as diverse audiences as possible, the decentralized fair funding, and the creation of new projects.


Amount Requested: $10,000 USD