🏦 [GUIDE] How to post a funding proposal

What is MetaCartel DAO?

  • Non-profit grants fund focused on creation and impact
  • DAO is funded mostly by individuals in the community

What do we fund?

  • DApps built on Ethereum
  • New consumer facing use-case experiments
  • Creation of new DAOs
  • Cryptonative experiments
  • Projects with Longevity
  • Community oriented

What do we not fund?

  • We don’t typically fund developer tooling or infrastructure
  • We don’t typically fund anything that isn’t user facing

How much funding is usually available?

$1,000 to $10,000 USD depending on the project. We are open to continuous grant proposals after initial milestones are met.

How do we support the projects we give grants to?

  • We help early projects get customers and user feedback, we push teams to get feedback and to launch as early as possible
  • We help with branding and visual design for certain projects requiring help
  • We help with community development strategy

Where can I read more about previous grants?

What is the process of getting funding?

  • Post your idea on the forums to get initial feedback from other community members; tweet at us, message us etc. We usually chat and provide very quick feedback in regards to whether the project would be in the scope of funding.

  • We’ll usually reach out to jump on a video call with you and within 2-3 days within the call, you can expect either a strong yes signal of interest (90%+ which receive this get funding) or a response that it is not a fit.

  • Submit a proposal on-chain through the DAOHaus platform

  • If you get a strong yes signal from us, we’ll likely provide feedback and also have additional feedback for the project before we commit to a grant.

How to Submit a Proposal

Grant Request $
Additional Resources

Example Proposal Submission

  1. Submit Here:
    Topics tagged in-progress

  2. After you’ve submitted, schedule your pitch session
    Contact the Money Mage (Grants Manager), Sydney Lai [Twitter]


Just to add a little update,
The DAO has added pods, with specific focuses, like events and products. Some grants do go through the main DAO, but over the last months, most grants have gone through these pods.