Huddln Protocol + Dapp


Hi Everyone I am looking for some seed funding to go full time on this project. I started Huddln in march 2019 as a social platform that focused on content ownership via IPFS + Ethereum. I have been building this Dapp +Protocol part time I need funding to go full time.

Project Overview

Huddln is a protocol designed to provide content focused Dapps and their users with unique monetization features.

Huddln is 2 things
One, a service for other Dapp creators to plug into to provide social/content features for their users. Two, a Dapp, the Huddln Dapp is a content focused Dapp that utilizes the protocol to provide content ownership & monetization features for mobile users.The Dapp aims to create economies around content creators, this is the first true mobile experience where everyday users can invest in viral content. Alpha Testers have described it as a cross between TikTok + Venmo.

Why ?

Currently any social Dapps are implementing their own unique twists on monetizing content. This service aims to make these unique features standards that any Dapp can plug into. The service creates a foundational API for Dapp Creators.


  • March 2020 - V1 MVP released as protocol and mobile Dapp to Apple App Store & Android Play Store.
  • Oct 2020 - V2 Beta protocol special recognition at ETHGlobal Hackathon By Matic Team.
  • Oct 2020 - Matic Build-n-Earn grant received.
  • November 2020 - Partnership Biconomy+Matic
  • November 2020 - V2 Complete & Protocol launched on Matic L2 (Gasless).


  • Q1 2021 - Release of Huddln Dapp V2 (NFT,Gasless,UX/UI Redesign,Matic Migration) on mobile
  • Q1 2021 - Protocol v2.1 - Partner Feature upgrades, storage upgrade mechanism, DEFI staking on NFTs.

Looking For

Im looking for grants of all sizes to go full time and to bring others onboard. That being said I am also looking for cofounders to bring and keep the vision moving.

Website :
Gitcoin: Available on website
Whitepaper V1: Available on website
AppStore MVP: Available by searching “Huddln” on the App Store/Play Store
Telegram: jgonzalez0886

Interested in a Beta Dapp Demo ? - Reach me on telegram

Thank you ,
Joe Gonzalez
Founder of Huddln

Gitcoin Update 1 (Showcases Beta Dapp) :