IDEA: MetaCartel Community DApp Portal / RevenueDAO

MetaCartel Community DApp Portal / RevenueDAO

The idea of a for-profit DAO has permeated the ecosystem lately. From MetaCartel interest to Ryan Zurrer’s DAO to the launch of the LAO to Moloch DAO discussing for profit opportunities, the notion of a distributed profit mechanism is :fire:

Less talked about, however, is the market of opportunities and dApps who would be classified as attractive candidates for investment.

How do we incubate the dApps of today for the investment opportunities of tomorrow? And, how do we surface less popular projects that are equally attractive opportunities?

DApp Portal

Sites like Product Hunt and Angellist have been successful at bringing obscure projects into the mainstream-- through a social, searchable, and public forum.

The Web3 world requires a similar central hub for surfacing top dApps. Not only does this aid in discoverability (i.e -wow this dapp exists), it also aids in investability (i.e wow this dapp is cool AND has revenue potential)

To demonstrate investability, dApp projects need to surface metrics investors care about. Not just users, transaction volume, etc-- but useful user behavior metrics (retention, engagement) and cold hard REVENUE.

For dApps, a potential community-driven portal serves as an interface where they can customize and publish metrics dashboards. The portal does the heavy lifting on data collection and data visualization, enabling a drag and drop experience for dApps.

All dashboards are public and searchable.

Simultaneously, it serves as a way for investors and community members to search for projects. And, in the future, facilitate investment in the projects.

Another DAO

When the time comes for profit seeking entities to evaluate the investment potential of dApps, they will turn to the DApp portal to view stats on a project.

The portal itself may be funded by a DAO (DAppDAO? RevenueDAO?). The DAO earns revenue by taking a claim on the revenue of dApp projects who use the portal.

The value proposition is that the portal is surfacing project metrics, garnering investment interest, and facilitating the investment itself (via potential appDAOs in the future - @OKDuncan)

For profit DAOs would potentially invest in the DAO and earn a share of the revenue. In this way, a symbiotic relationship forms between investors, THE portal, and dApps.

The portal serves as an information conduit between the two.


The goal is to establish the portal as THE place to go for project metrics and, in the future, investment. And, wait for it, GENERATE REVENUE.

A top goal of the portal is to accelerate revenue generating activities in dApps, investment in dApps, and increase the loop over and over and over

Let’s Jam on It

This idea has progressed from conversations with a variety of MetaCartel members and was borne out of necessity-- as a product we know needs to be built in some capacity.

The product will inevitably evolve over time. Let’s chat about it, what it might look like in the future, how we get this thing built, and how we accelerate revenue-generating dApps.

  • Alex Hoffmann