Let the NFTs fight to see who is the best


TreasureSea are a ranking type of NFTs, each NFTs has a unique attribute value, NFTs can fight each other to obtain rankings and rewards. Each NFT can improve attributes and rewards through integration and exploration. All of this runs on Ethereum’s smart contract.


· It is open to everyone, everyone has the opportunity to free mint

· Each NFT is special, and the rarity is determined by the owner

·Give each participant economic income


At present, most NFTs are collections or breeding. This allows most people to participate in only holding or buying and selling, which is not cool

Why can’t uniqueness and growth coexist?


We make the value manifest from another angle through the gameplay of fighting

NFTs with higher rankings can continue to receive rewards, and any participant can also get value from them

Owners use various methods to make their NFTs more rare, and it is entirely up to them.


Treasuresea is an NFT protocol completely built on the Ethereum network

The main functions include:


In addition to paying for Gas, Mint does not require any fees.

A total of 10,000 Treasuresea in the first phase


When the user has one or more NFTs, the user can challenge other NFTs.

It can be based on the opponent’s ranking or the opponent’s number.

When the challenge is successful, you can get the ranking of the winning side and other rewards.


Ranking is the basis of the reward mechanism. Within one month of the project’s launch, the team will develop a complete economic model to motivate all NFT participants.

The highest-ranked people will receive a percentage of copyright income


Exploring can improve your NFT attributes, which is also conducive to competing for higher rankings

Of course, it is full of randomness


Our Github:https://github.com/Treasureseas/treasureseas-protocol


We have completed the casting and revision of the value, and are currently constructing the random generation and exploration part. It is expected that the first version can be deployed on the Ethereum test network soon.


Opening up more power to the owners is what we have been committed to, so that everyone can create economic value and continue to gain the fun of growth is our focus


Treasuresea was founded by Pavle Cooper, who has worked in the blockchain industry for more than five years and has experience in media, business, and marketing. And focusing on decentralized applications, it is one of the earliest players of CryptoKitties. Currently the team includes two engineers and a marketing staff.

Grant Request $:

$8,000 (most of which is used to deploy smart contracts on Ethereum)




We hope to get help from the community in the early promotion

Additional Resources:

After the project goes live, I hope to give away some Treasures to the metacartel community to thank for the donation