MC @ ETHDenver?

ETHDNVR is right around the corner, we generally like to do something fun that allows everyone to get together for one night.

I am organizing some ideas in collaboration with @tae and @CryptononymousEcon on the best spaces we could get for one evening, thinking: drinks, snacks, small panel chat covering learnings from the past 3 years, forecast for the future, beyond the bear market, what we’re hoping to see built in terms of teams and tools.

Asking for support from MC and MCV for this one, possibly ConsenSys as well in collaboration with @mateo_ventures.

Request is $5k to help cover the costs of the evening, all members of MC would receive an invite to this event.

Date TBD March 2,3,4th-ish ?

Alternatively Dennison Bertram from reached out to see if we would be interested in sponsoring this event during ETHDEN, anyone going to be around this early ?

DAO Denver Mini-Summit? (Basically a mini half day version of DAO NYC at EthDenver)

They are requesting $5 in sponsorship monies as well.

What do y’all think, should we explore both, should we focus on one option over the other, is anyone available to speak at the DAO Denver thing ? I am not unfortunately.

Comments below :point_down:


Created a one page document outlining the event flow State of the Meta 🏦 - HackMD


Nice, i definitely think we should be involved with EthDenver. I feel like EthDenver has always been a great meeting spot for MC.

Is the event you’re all thinking going to be an MC member only event or an open one?

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Thanks for kicking this off Yalor!

  1. ETH Denver is an important meeting place for MC as well new builders entering the ecosystem. Personally agree that it would make sense to organize something intimate as a side event.

  2. It would be great to have some sort of tangible output come from this gathering. We do tend to gather a lot of ideas, synergies, human relationships— but perhaps we can create space to mentor or workshop with blood in MC. I have gone through this personally with MC folks from Metapod to DAO Palace and I’ll tell ya… it’s added a lot of value. (shoutout to Ven, Yalor, DAOHaus folks)

  3. I can push to bring in ConsenSys. Can’t promise anything, but it does align with an announcement we will be making at ETH Denver around our involvement with DAOs. As Yalor mentioned, I also think that we should work work with DAO Denver (Tally; Dennison Bertram) by making this some sort of conjoined unofficial post-event happy hour.

In summary, I support this. Would be more than happy to volunteer some time here.

An invite only event, that is for members of the MC / MCV / and wider community. So no public invite link, but not a closed event.

Proposal for funding is up on DAOhaus :heart_on_fire:

An ETH Denver mini-summit
February 28th - Afternoon Sessions + Happy Hour
Source Hotel, River North Art District
150 Attendees

DAOs @ Denver is an approved side event to ETH Denver. This is hosted by Tally, and supported by the DAO NYC team (Dennison Bertram, Matt Wright). DAOs @ Denver is supported by partners such as Boardroom, ConsenSys, 1kx, Polygon DAO, Aave Grants DAO, Multicoin Capital, Bankless DAO, and yes… Metacartel — who participated in DAO NYC. The event will be a one-day mini summit with various speakers from the DAO ecosystem. At ETH Denver, there isn’t one place where we can sit and chat about the DAO ecosystem— DAOs @ Denver is looking to create that MCON type feel for our community before ETH Denver officially kicks off.

As Metacartel continues to grow and take on new shape— I think it’s super important that we begin to help our OG DAO stewards, Guides amd Shamans, discuss important DAO mental models or learnings with newcomers in the space. This is a great forum for bringing MC humans to the stage, or for hands on mentoring.

This event is NOT associated with DAO Planet’s “DAO Denver”.

We’ll explore…

  • Modular DAO architecture
  • On-chain reputation
  • The revival of on-chain DAO governance and operations
  • The rise of delegation
  • How to increase velocity without jeopardizing decentralization

$5k USDC
Send to Tally Multisig: gno:0xFd4c2579664286ae699c5E25aECCFB5Df58e8d85


  • Speaking slots (DM me if you would like to apply!)
  • 5+ tickets (DM me for more details)
  • Sponsor logo presence

If anybody would like to get in touch with the team, or join the telegram group— please let me know!

Matt Wright
MC Member
Tg: @mateo_ventures



Okay, from my communications/marketing perspective, this seems smart, especially if MC is represented and has members speaking. The event is a platform, with a highly targeted audience, that’s very relevant to any communications that MC attempts to do.

Will there be recorded content with MC in it?

I would be in support of this event, seems aligned with our overall mission and it’s open to the public right ?

Will it be recorded also

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Yes - open to the public! I’m also looping in DAOHaus team to host some talks on v3.

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This sounds seck as feck. I support and want to attend.

I’d really like to see some subject matter of a critical nature alongside the pragmatic topics: DAO failures as the most formative lessons, friction in integrating with legacy/trad systems, how DAOs shift the psychology of the DAOist, nightmarish lorecrafting as speculative horror fiction that inform DAO ethics (lol jk about that last one, but actually… yes).

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Makes a lot of sense, if you will be in Denver I suggest you participate in the panel yourself ! Matt can have the organizers do the ground work if you are onboard.

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Finally some MC Presence on ETHDenver :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:
Enjoy in my name guys

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I definitely plan on attending ETH DENVER, would love to contribute photos and possibly video of the event if needed.

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